Windows 10 Upgrade Error “Something Happened”

Windows 10 Upgrade Error - Something Happened

The Windows 10 rollout has gone incredibly smoothly. For the most part, there have been no problems for folks who have received the update.

However, there is one annoying issue that has popped up, the “Something Happened” error. This error, which has apparently appeared in multiple languages, is so profoundly unhelpful some users have questioned whether or not it’s a real error (or did someone Photoshop it in an attempt to create a meme?).

After some investigation, I found that it does appear to be a real (if unhelpful) error message even though I haven’t heard of any Surface owners reporting it. In fact, someone on Reddit has even found a way to correct it just in case it happens to you.

Windows 10 Upgrade Error: Fix The “Something Happened” Error

Fortunately, the fix for this unhelpful error is pretty simple, The root of the problem resides in your language settings and is easily fixed. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select Region
  • Go to the Location tab and set it for United States and tap OK
  • Next, select Language from the Control Panel
  • If needed make sure English (United States) is present and at the top of the list by using the Move Up option. If you need to add it, choose the Add a Language button

After that, restart your Surface and try the upgrade again. This fix was originally discovered by the Reddit user momoWench. For that we thank him/her.

Windows 10 Upgrade Error: Prevent The “Something Happened” Error

To help minimize the chance you’ll see this error, you can do the “fix” before you try to upgrade. In addition, you should really review the steps outlined in this article (Before You Upgrade Surface to Windows 10 – Do These Things!) because they will also help ensure you don’t have any problems with the upgrade, or install, of Windows 10 on your Surface.


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