Weekly Surface News Roundup – August 30, 2015


Once again the news is overwhelmed with Surface Pro 4 rumors but, as usual, I was able to find some other news stories Surface owners might find interesting (even though they are mostly about Windows 10).

This week’s crop looks like this:

  • Another Cumulative Update for Windows 10
  • New Windows 10 Preview Build (10532)
  • Resellers say the Surface Pro 4 will hurt iPad sales

Surface News Roundup: Another Cumulative Update for Windows 10

While it’s getting to be so common that it almost doesn’t qualify as news anymore, Microsoft released yet another cumulative update for Windows 10 (the 5th in just under a month).

The update notes for the patches (KB3081448KB3081449 and, KB3081452) are pretty vague and seem to deal mostly with language packs.

WinSuperSite is reporting that after applying the update, they were able to turn off the automatic updates setting (in the Windows Store) for updates to apps in Windows 10 Home (which the Surface 3 runs).

This is good news for people who were worried about functionality and privacy in being forced into app updates.

Surface News Roundup - Windows 10

Surface News Roundup: New Windows 10 Preview Build (10532)

Microsoft released Windows 10 build 10532 to some testers (on the fast ring) earlier this week.

The new build offers enhanced context menus and themes. It also looks like Microsoft is responding to some criticism about feedback being discarded by allowing Windows Insiders, with this new build, to share feedback via twitter.

Assuming there’s no big problems found with this build, we can expect the changes rolled out to all Windows 10 users at some point in the relatively near future.

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New iPad expected to compete with Surface Pro 3

Surface News Roundup: Resellers say the SP4 will hurt iPad sales

Many authorized Surface resellers, are hailing the Surface Pro 3 (and soon 4)  as a major threat to the iPad tablet in the commercial market segment, due to its productivity accessories, flexible form factor and Windows 10.

One anonymous reseller stated the following… “The iPad has been out there for so long, but it doesn’t have the same accessories as the Surface Pro series,” and “I’ve had some customers decide to wait until the Surface Pro 4 comes out, particularly due to its rumored multiple USB ports. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a Surface Pro 4 by October.”

So, will the Surface Pro 4 cut into the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market? I guess we’ll see come October (if the rumors are true).

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That’s it for this week. Next week I’ll have a whole new crop of news stories for your perusal.


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