Tech Tip: Video Port on Surface RT vs. Surface Pro

The Video Ports on Surface RT and Surface Pro are not the same!

I learned the hard way that the display ports on the two Surface tablets are not the same.  In retrospect, it was right there in the technical specs but, I missed it when I placed my order.

The RT has a MicroHDMI and the Pro has a Mini Display port. The connection slots are different and so they are not interchangeable. Don’t make the same mistake I did and order the wrong one for your Surface RT.  The ports look very similar at first glance but one is smaller than the other. So, to help you out, I made the following table along with some of the cables/adapters I tried and found to work well.

For External Monitor hookup you will need:

VGA adapter DVI adapter HDMI adapter
For Surface RT MicroHDMI to VGA
MicroHDMI to DVI
 MicroHDMI to HDMI
For Surface Pro Mini display to VGA Mini display to DVI  Mini display to HDMI

Hope this helps you avoid the mistake I made.  None of these are super expensive but it’s still a pain if you have to return one. To see more tech specs for the Surface tablets check out my post on iPad vs Surface RT and Surface Pro.


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