Surface App For Windows 10 Review

Surface App For Windows 10

Interested in adjusting your Surface Pen pressure sensitivity? How about choosing which OneNote opens when you click top button? Or maybe even disabling the Windows button?

These were all things you could do with the Surface App in Windows 8.x, see Microsoft Instructions. Pretty cool, eh?

Well it was. Unfortunately, the Surface App for Windows 10 is not the same. And like many other apps in Windows 10, it has seriously been scaled down to the point of barely being useful.

I don’t know why Microsoft started this trend with Windows 10 but it really kind of sucks.

So, what can you do with the Surface App for Windows 10?

One thing only: Adjust the Surface Pen pressure sensitivity. That’s it.

Here is how:

  • Open Surface App (in Windows 10 it’s pre-installed)
  • Click on the little Pen icon on the left

Surface app

  • Choose the pressure sensitivity you like, you can ink test in the second square.

Surface App For Windows 10

  • Once you’ve selected the sensitivity you like, simply exit the app.

If you’re curious what the smiley face is, go ahead and click it. It show information about your device and drivers but even that is incomplete – it’d be nice to see your IP address and hardware information here. If you scroll way to the bottom, you can also provide feedback about your device to Microsoft.

That’s it. That is all you can do with the Surface App for Windows 10. it is seriously lacking. Rather than improving upon the app, Microsoft chose to scale it down to nearly nothing.

So, although it may be helpful in adjusting the Pen pressure (and even that is limited), it is not good for anything else.

two thumbs down
I’d give this app two thumbs down, simply because it is not very useful. Personally, I think that Microsoft should develop this app to accommodate all common Surface device settings, such as Pen buttons, touch calibration, security settings, etc. that way we, as the owners, wouldn’t have to hunt down all these different settings scattered within the OS.


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