Free Skype for 12 Months with Surface 2/Pro Purchase

What do you get with the Free Skype for 12 months subscription?

You have either already purchased your new Surface 2/Pro (plus received the free Skype for 12 months from Microsoft) or you are contemplating it. Either way, if you’re not a regular Skype user, you may be wondering: “what the hack does it give me?” In that case, this post is for you.

In this post you will find:

  • What you get with the free Skype subscription
  • How much is it worth?
  • How to redeem it
  • Warnings
  • Useful links – how to use Skype Wi-Fi

I. What you get:

1. Free Unlimited World Subscription:

Microsoft says that with it, “you can talk to the world with free unlimited calls to mobiles in 8 countries and landlines in over 60 countries”. We are going on a trip out of the country this month and will report back on how well this really works.

2. Free Skype Wi-Fi

I think this one confuses people because it’s unclear what it does. According to Microsoft, you can “go online at over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. From cafes to airports and train stations, there’s probably a hotspot nearby”. Here is the kicker, there doesn’t seem to be a map of where the hotspots are. I’ve searched for it, believe me, but can’t find one. It also seems that everyone wants one. Only answer I could find as to why they don’t have a map was that Skype Wi-Fi works on “partner networks” and that they change all the time.  Hmmm.. We will test this when we’re in Panama this month, as well.

Here are more details from Microsoft’s on what you do and do not get: What is the free Skype subscription offer for the Surface 2.

II. How much is it worth?

Again, it has been difficult to find information on how much this free service for one year is actually worth. I did find that the cost of Unlimited World Subscription is 4.99/month or $59.88/year. Skype Wi-Fi however is much trickier to figure out. It works on Skype credit and you only pay for what you use but it is unclear how much it actually costs because it is different in different countries. So, for example, in U.S. the cost would be different than in Europe or South America. I did find that some places in Europe it is $0.10/minute. If you like to surf the web, you are probably saying: “ouch!

III. How to Redeem It:

Redemption is actually pretty easy. To make life easier, make sure that you have a Skype Account, get one here:, and log into it to make sure it works.

  1. Find your redemption card in the box of your new Surface 2/Pro
  2. Go to and find and click the Redeem now now button.
    Free Skype for 12 Months
  3. Type in Code, click agreement check box, and click Redeem voucher or prepaid card button.
    Free Skype for 12 Months
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes for activation.
    Free Skype for 12 Months
  5. Check your email, you should have redemption notice that looks like this:
    Free Skype for 12 Months

IV. Warnings:

Microsoft Disclaimers: (important otherwise you may get charged)

  1. “To benefit from the free internet, make sure you update your Skype Wi-Fi app to the latest version from the Windows Store.”
  2. Note that free Skype Wi-Fi is available on the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 devices only.” – Oooh, this I didn’t know.
  3. “The free Skype subscription offer is available within 90 days of the Surface 2 purchase.” So, if you want to use it, don’t put off redeeming the coupon.

V. Here are some useful links:

Hope this helps shed some light on the Free Skype for 12 Months program that Microsoft offers with the purchase of Surface 2/Pro.

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