Best Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector

Putting a screen protector on your computer or laptop can help reduce glare and keep what you’re working on private. However, screen protectors are made from several materials, most of which are made to be flexible to install them easily. If you’re needing a Surface Pro 4 screen protector, this review can help you find the best one for your needs.

Reasons To Use Screen Protectors

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Privacy Screen Protectors

When there is a privacy filter or screen protector on your computer, it blocks out light, so the information is impossible to see when reading it at certain angles. As a result, no one can walk past your computer and get information to which they shouldn’t have access.  

Most companies that have employees working with sensitive data, such as financial or medical information, will have privacy filters on all monitors. If you ever take work home, then your home computer or laptop should have a privacy screen on it as well. Otherwise, you could be in violation of privacy regulations or HIPAA if you work with medical information.

Glare Screen Protectors

Many screen protectors also protect the operator’s eyes against glare on their monitors. Glare from overhead lights or the sun can make the information on the monitor difficult, sometimes impossible, to see. However, by reducing glare, the screen is easier to read, and it won’t give the operator a headache or eye strain as they try to work.

Impact Resistant Screen Protectors

While you may think that this isn’t a problem for your system as you don’t work in a construction zone or outside with the wind blowing, it can be an issue for those drawing or writing with a stylus on a computer like the Surface Pro 4. If a piece of dust attaches itself to the end of the pen, it could scratch the monitor if there isn’t a screen protector on it.

Many of the screen protectors that are impact resistant, reduce glare, or protect the privacy of the work you’re doing are made from tempered glass. These screen protectors fit over the monitors and adhere to it to create a smooth surface. Adhesives are not necessary for installing the screen protectors as they are made to cling to the glass of the monitor upon installation.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings

While researching screen protectors for the Surface Pro 4, we read about each one and the company’s reputation. We also read testimonials and reviews about each one from the people who had bought and used them.

Then, after gathering this information, we gave each screen protector a rating from one to five stars, with five being the highest, to help people find the best Surface Pro 4 screen protector for their needs. Here are seven of the best screen protectors we found.

While researching screen protectors for the Surface Pro 4, we read about each one and the company’s reputation. We also read testimonials and reviews about each one from the people who had bought and used them.

Then, after gathering this information, we gave each screen protector a rating from one to five stars, with five being the highest, to help people find the best Surface Pro 4 screen protector for their needs. Here are seven of the best screen protectors we found.

Top 7 Surface Pro 4 Screen Protectors

Here are seven of the best screen protectors we found for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


2,757 Reviews
SPARIN Screen Protector Compatible with Surface Pro 7 Plus/ 7/ 6 /5th Gen/4, Tempered Glass Screen Protector with S Pen Compatible/Scratch Resistant
  • 1. Perfect Match: Specially designed for Surface Pro 7 Plus/ 7 / Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro (5th...
  • 2. Easy Installation: Automatically attach to the screen smoothly, hassle-free and bubble-free, no...
  • 3. HD Retina Clarity: 99% transparency, 0.26mm thickness and oleophobic coating preserve your...
  • 4. 9H Hardness: Protects your Tablet from drops to a certain extent, scuffs, and scratches
  • 5. Multi-Compatible: Flawlessly Compatible for Mouse or Keyboard, Surface Pen, And whether you're...

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The SPARIN screen protector comes in a set of two for the Surface Pro 6/5/4 laptops that have a 12.3-inch screen. Their tempered glass is scratch and impact resistant, so when you use the pen, you don’t need to worry about the monitor sustaining damage.

Also, the screen protector keeps fingerprints off the monitor whenever you use the touchscreen features of your system. The screen protectors are only 0.26mm thick and provide up to 99 percent light and high declination clarity, so images come through the barrier looking as good as they do without a screen protector.

This type of screen protector easily installs on the monitor by automatically adhering to it. It creates a smooth bubble-free surface that doesn’t leave behind any residue after removing it.


45 Reviews
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - [Max Coverage] Anti-Bubble Matte Film
  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Kit for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 includes our MilitaryShield piece(s),...
  • Anti-glare Matte MilitaryShield to reduce glare and improve visibility in bright environments. Easy...
  • Created from scratch-proof, ultra-tough, matte finish, military-grade, yellow-resistant material and...
  • MilitaryShield has self-healing technology, which helps eliminate minor scratches on the film all by...
  • ArmorSuit stands behind the quality of our MilitaryShield products to ensure 100% Satisfaction to...

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The ArmorSuit screen protector is specifically for the Surface Pro 4 laptop. It is a clear protector that is thin and flexible, so it fits exactly onto your device. It offers full-screen protection while being scratch and yellow resistant, it is clear and made from a military grade material.

The material is self-healing, so if it does get a minor scratch or scuff, it can eliminate them so that they won’t interfere with your viewing of the monitor. This material also helps to reduce dust, fingerprints, and oil smudges from human hands.

ArmorSuit offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on their screen protectors, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty on them. They make their products in the United States. The screen protector is easy to install, and it is anti-bubble.


8,283 Reviews
OMOTON Screen Protector Compatible with Surface Pro 7 Plus/Surface Pro 7/Surface Pro 6/ Surface Pro 5/Surface Pro 4 - [Tempered Glass] [High Responsivity] [Scratch Resistant] [High Definition]
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus / Surface Pro 7 / Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro (5th Gen)...
  • Equipped with guide frame, clear instructions, installation video and all necessary tools, which...
  • 9H hardness scratch-resistant screen protector can effectively protect your Surface Pro 7 Plus /...
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protect against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints
  • Highly responsive and sensitive with HD clarity and transparency ensure maximum resolution for Super...

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The ArmorSuit screen protector is specifically for the Surface Pro 4 laptop. It is a clear protector that is thin and flexible, so it fits exactly onto your device. It offers full-screen protection while being scratch and yellow resistant, it is clear and made from a military grade material.

The material is self-healing, so if it does get a minor scratch or scuff, it can eliminate them so that they won’t interfere with your viewing of the monitor. This material also helps to reduce dust, fingerprints, and oil smudges from human hands.

ArmorSuit offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on their screen protectors, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty on them. They make their products in the United States. The screen protector is easy to install, and it is anti-bubble.


782 Reviews
Megoo Screen Protector for Surface Pro 6 12.3 Inch,Tempered Glass/Easy Installation/Scratch resistant, Also Compatible for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (2017) / Pro 4
  • [Perfect Fit] Megoo Professional Tempered Glass screen protector only compatible with Surface Pro 6/...
  • [Easy To Apply] Automatically attach to the screen smoothly. The oleophobic coating reduces smudges...
  • [Best Touch Feeling] Highly transparency maintains your Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro 5/ Surface Pro 4...
  • [Highly Durable] Megoo industry-leading 9H hardness glass with best toughened degree, protect your...
  • [Customer Service] Your surface pro need a good tempered glass screen protector, you deserve better...

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The Megoo Surface Pro screen protector is for the Pro 6, but it is also compatible with the Pro 5th Gen and Pro 4 laptops. It is tempered glass that protects the screen of your device from scratches while writing or drawing with the pen that comes with it. Also, it is impact resistant and responsive to touch, allowing users to use the touchscreen features.

The screen protector is easy to install on the 12.3-inch monitor. It fits flat on the screen and automatically attaches to it. After removing it, the screen protector does not leave any adhesive residue behind.

The screen protector’s glass has a hardness of 9H to keep it from scratching, scuffing, or breaking if something accidentally falls on the monitor. The Megoo company offers a lifetime warranty on this product.


2,446 Reviews
JETech Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro (5th Gen) / Surface Pro 4, Tempered Glass Film
  • Exclusively for Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro (5th Gen) and Surface Pro 4
  • Made with high quality 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges
  • Extremely high hardness: resists scratches up to 9H (harder than a knife). High-response and high...
  • Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easily installation, bubble free
  • Retail package includes: 1-Pack tempered glass screen protector, cleaning cloth, dust removal stick,...

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JETech’s screen protector for the Surface Pro is compatible with the Pro 6, Pro 5th Gen and Pro 4 devices. It is made from 0.33-millimeter tempered glass with rounded edges to keep the user from receiving cuts when installing or removing it from the monitor.

The surface of the screen protector is coated to remain dust-free, scratch resistant, and it has a hardness of 9H to keep from sustaining damage from the impact of keys, pens, or anything else that may drop on the screen. The surface also remains fingerprint-free, and it is very responsive when using the touch screen monitor.

The JETech screen protector has a lifetime warranty, and it comes with a cleaning cloth, a stick to remove dust, a guide stick, and instructions about installing it. The glass is clear to allow high-quality viewing of the device’s monitor.


290 Reviews
ZBRANDS // Microsoft Surface Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen Anti-Glare | Anti-Spy Glass Screen Film (Surface Pro 4/5/6/7)
  • ✔ COMPATIBILITY: Exclusively designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / 5 / 6 / 7! Works for the...
  • ✔ DUAL-PURPOSE: Protective privacy screen and Anti-Glare screen construction that lasts. Get...
  • ✔ SMART ONE-SNAP PRIVACY: Our trademarked One-Snap Privacy screens, its super easy to put on and...
  • ✔ LOW MAINTENANCE: Our privacy screen resists dust, fingerprints, scratches and other sediments...
  • ✔ GUARANTEE: For the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (2019) and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 & 5 & 6....

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This ZBRANDS screen protector is specifically for the Surface Pro 4/Pro 5th Gen/Pro 6. It is also compatible with the newest Surface Pro for 2018. It is an anti-glare screen, so if you have problems with the overhead lights or sun reflecting on your display, this screen with help reduce the glare that can bother your eyes.

In addition, the screen is also a privacy screen. If you’re working with sensitive or proprietary information while in a public place, or at work, the screen doesn’t allow passersby to see what you’re working on, so you don’t need to worry about visual hacking.

The film of the screen is also scratch resistant, and it resists dust, fingerprints, and sediments. It is easy to maintain because it cleans off with a little water and a paper towel. ZBRANDS offers a one-year warranty on their screen protector.


5,558 Reviews
Anker New iPad 9.7 in (2018/2017) / iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro 9.7 in / iPad Air Screen Protector, Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Retina Display, Anti-Scratch, Smudge-Resistant, Easy Installation
  • Engineered for iPad Pro: Precise, laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for your iPad...
  • Easy Installation: Unique "hinge" method and video instructions make it incredibly easy to perfectly...
  • Ultimate Scratch Protection: Premium tempered glass with industry-high 9H hardness rating...
  • HD Retina Clarity: 96% transparency, 0.3mm thickness and oleophobic coating preserve your iPad Pro's...
  • What You Get: Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector, alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, 3 positioning...

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This Megoo screen protector measures 12.3-inches, which makes it compatible with the Surface Pro 6/5/4 and the 2017 models. It is easy to install using the hinge method, and it comes with an instructional video to help users put it in correctly the first time they attempt it.

It is clear, tempered glass, so it is scratch resistant when using the Surface Pen for drawing or writing, and it has a hardness of 9H, so it is also impact resistant. So, if you drop the pen or a set of keys on your monitor, it should sustain very little, if any, damage. If it should crack, it is made to stay in one piece to prevent cutting fingers when removing the screen protector.

The HD glass helps transmit touches on the screen to operate the Surface Pro. The screen will also reduce smudges and fingerprints when it is touched because it is resistant to the oils in human hands. It is also bubble-free after installation.

Buyer’s Guide

If you need a screen protector for your Surface Pro 4, then carefully examine the packaging or information in the description. Not every Surface Pro screen protector is compatible with each other due to the different sizes in screens. For example, the Surface Pro 3 only had a 12-inch screen, but after updating to the Pro 4, the screen width is now 12.3-inches.

Also, the new editions may not be compatible with the Pro 4/5th Gen or Pro 6, so read the information to ensure they are compatible with the device that you own. Not all screen protectors are for privacy, so if you want one that prevents onlookers from stealing information while you’re working, make sure that description on the box or online indicates it is a privacy screen protector.

Most privacy filters for laptops or desktops will only allow the user to see the information onscreen clearly, so most of them will be dark instead of clear. They also block light at an angle, so the information cannot be seen at all by anyone sitting near you or walking past you as you’re working. Blocking the screen prevents most cases of visual hacking.  

Since the Surface Pro 4 uses a stylus or pen, the screen protector should also be scratch and impact resistant to prevent it from sustaining damage when you use the pen for drawing or writing directly on the tablet. Finally, check for a warranty in case the screen protector gets damage, and you need a replacement.

Many companies that make the Surface Pro 4 screen protector offer one-year to lifetime warranties on their products, so if something does happen to it during normal use, they will cover replacing it. So, when your ready to buy any product for your Surface Pro 4, read the information to ensure they are compatible, and they are covered by a warranty in case something happens to it.

How To Unlock Surface Pro 4 Without A Password

It can be almost impossible to access your computer if you lose the password before changing it to something you’ve memorized. However, you can use several methods to unlock a system if you’ve forgotten a password or bought a locked computer at a pawn shop or from a friend. Here are six ways to learn how to unlock Surface Pro 4 without a password.

Methods To Access Laptop

If you’ve bought a Surface Pro 4 and lost or forgot the password for some reason, you can still access the system. In fact, six methods exist for accessing a password protected Surface Pro. You can also apply many of these methods to any computer you’ve forgotten the password to and need to unlock. The first method is to use your Microsoft account to access the system.

Image via: Pixabay

Reset With Microsoft Account

Image via: unsplash

When you’re trying to access the computer, the screen where you enter the password gives you the option of resetting the password. When you choose this option, you will be directed to enter information to verify your Microsoft account.

Most people have a Microsoft account if they subscribe to a service like Microsoft 365 or register their computer after buying it. Using the information for this account, you can access a PC through Microsoft. After verifying the account information, you can reset the password for your Surface Pro 4 to something you can easily remember.  

Use The Windows Password Recovery Tool

Image via:pixabay

After failing to log onto your computer, you can opt to use a Windows Password Recovery Tool to reset the password. You can download this program for free and set it up to help recover your password on a Surface Pro 4 or any other computer that you may have. This program works with Windows 10, 8, and 7.

After downloading the program on a working computer, you will need a USB drive or a CD/DVD to “burn” a password reset disk. A screen will appear to select the device to which you’ve downloaded the software. Once the disk is ready, put it into the locked Surface Pro and reboot the computer from the USB drive or CD/DVD.

Once the Windows Password Recovery Tool appears, choose the option for removing the forgotten admin password and follow the instructions. This method will allow you to reset the password to one that is easier for you to remember.

Reset Password With Second Administrator Account

Image via:unsplash

If you have another administrator account on your Surface Pro, then you should be able to sign into it to reset the password for the main account. First, select the other Administrator account and sign into the Surface Pro with it.

Then, after getting into the account, open the Command Prompt as the administer. The Command Prompt will appear as C:\Windows\system 32. After the prompt, type in the net user <user name> <new password> and then press “Enter” to change the password for that user.

After you’ve completed this step, sign out of the second administer account and you should be able to sign into the Surface Pro using the new password.

Use Windows Password Refixer

Image via:unsplash

Another software that you can use to learn how to unlock Surface Pro 4 without a password is the Windows Password Refixer. It is third-party software that you can find online to reset a Microsoft account, local login, or the Administrator account for Windows. Other versions exist under other names, but they are all third-party programs.

To start using this method, you will need a free USB drive on which to download and install the program. First, find a computer that you can access Windows with and insert the drive into a USB port and select it on your screen. Then, download and burn the software onto the drive to create a password reset disk. Once it is finished burning, unplug the drive from the USB port to use in your Surfac

Booting The Surface From The USB Drive

Image via:unsplash

Start this step by shutting down the Surface and then inserting the USB drive into the computer. Next, press down and hold the “Volume-down” button, then press and release the “Power” button. After holding down these buttons, the Surface logo should appear on the screen. It will then boot the Surface from the USB drive.

Resetting The Password​​​​

Image via:pixabay

After the Surface boots up from the USB drive, the software will access the computer and display its user accounts. Select a user name and then click “Reset Password.” Doing this will prompt the program to check the status of the account and either reset the password for the Microsoft account you’re using, it will change the local account password to a blank to allow you to access the Surface without a password.

Finally, it can help you create a new administrator account on the Surface. If you do this, select the “Add User” button, then create a new username and password. When you’ve finished, click the “Reboot” button and remove the USB drive from the computer.

When the system reboots, you should be able to access the computer with the Microsoft account default password, the local account, or the new user account. Most of the password fixers that you’ll find online work in much the same way but follow the instructions that pop up when trying to change the passwords to ensure it works properly.

System Restore Point

Image via:unsplash

If you cannot log into Windows and you have an old password that you remember, you can restore the Surface Pro to that restore point and access your computer. Although it doesn’t remove your personal files, it will remove apps, drivers, or updates installed after creating the restore point, so carefully consider whether you want to try this method.

If you want to do this, then boot the system to the advanced startup options. First, power up the Surface. At the Windows login screen, select the “Power” button on the lower right of the screen. While holding down the “Shift” key on the keyboard, click “Restart.”

Then, select “Troubleshoot,” “Advanced Options,” and then “System Restore.”  If it prompts you, you can select an administrator account that you want to provide credentials. You can then enter the password for the administrator account. However, if you haven’t set a password, skip this step and click “Continue.”

After that, click “Next,” and select a restore point from the list, and click “Next” again. Confirm that restore point and click “Finish.” After the Windows login comes up again, you should be able to access the Surface Pro 4 with the password that you remember.

Reset Surface To Factory Settings

Image via:unsplash

The last resort for accessing your Surface Pro will be to use a hard reset to restore the computer to its factory settings. Make sure you want to take this drastic step as it will remove everything that you’ve saved on the system, like apps, drivers, updates, and passwords.

If you have no other choice, there are two ways to do a hard reset. You can do a factory reset from the sign-in screen or with the Surface Recovery image. To do a factory reset, start by turning on or rebooting the Surface. When the Windows login screen appears, select the “Power” icon at the lower right-hand side of the screen, then hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard and click “Restart.”

If you’re using your Surface in tablet mode, then hold down the “Shift” key using the on-screen keyboard. To open this feature, choose “Ease of Access,” and then “On-Screen Keyboard.” The Surface will then restart to recovery mode. Once it has, select “Troubleshoot.”

When the next screen appears, s​​​​elect “Reset this PC.” Next, you can either choose “Keep My Files” or “Remove Everything.” If you are donating or selling the laptop, then you should remove your files. However, if you’re trying to reset the system to gain access to it, choose to keep your files.

Select an account to keep resetting the computer. If you didn’t set a password for the Administrator account, use that one and press “Continue.” Next, select the “Reset” button to begin the factory reset process.

Reset Using Surface Recovery Image

Image via:unsplash

If you need to use the Surface Recovery image to get into your computer, then you will need a USB drive with at least 8 gigabytes of free space on it. The first step is to go to the Surface support website, then select your Surface device, and type in its serial number. The serial number is on back of the tablet or the UEFI firmware. After typing it in, select “Continue.”

A recovery image is sent to you as a ZIP file. Format the USB drive to FAT32 to extract the ZIP file to the root path of the USB drive. Next, turn on the Surface and put the drive into a USB port. Press and hold down “Volume-down” and the “Power” button to reboot the system from the USB drive. When the Surface logo appears on screen, release the “Volume-down” button.

The Surface will boot into recovery mode. You will need to choose your language and keyboard layout, then at the “Choose an Option” screen, select “Troubleshoot” and then “Reset this PC.” From there, you can choose to keep or get rid of your files and continue the factory reset process. After it finishes, then your Surface Pro drive will be clean like when it came out of the box.

Since some of these methods are drastic, be careful about which method you try. Only choose the factory reset if no other option has succeeded in unlocking the PC. By learning how to unlock Surface Pro 4 without a password, you never have to worry about being shut out of it again.

Best Monitor For Surface Pro 4: Top 7 Revealed

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is still a fantastic device. It’s incredibly convenient and ideal for getting work done, as well as for leisure. But one area where it’s inferior to a laptop or desktop computer is the size of the screen. The Surface is only small, which makes it very portable, but not perfect for extended office use.

Fixing the issue is simple. You can buy an external monitor and connect it to the Surface Pro 4 using a cable. In this guide, we’ll be helping you to find the best monitor for the Surface Pro 4. All of these screens are stellar, but some are better than others and might be better for certain conditions or uses.

The Surface is a very practical device. As a result, you could be wanting to play video games, watch movies or work on a spreadsheet. Depending on what you’ll be doing, one type of monitor might be better than another. However, we’re going to try to recommend monitors that work great for everything, as well as some more niche options.

How We Rate And Rank Products

Rating electronic devices are very challenging. Not only does everyone have a unique point of view, but because they are expensive, it’s critical that we help you to make the right decision. To do this, we do extensive amounts of research. We start with a huge list of products and narrow it down to only a handful which we believe are worth spending money on.

Part of our research involves learning more about the electronic. In this case, we got to grips at a technical level with computer monitors. The result is that we can recommend more confidently a device that we believe will be ideal for your circumstances.

We also read as many reviews as possible. By crowdsourcing reviews, we can get a broader range of experiences than just a single person could. The result is a more balanced, unbiased recommendation based in statistics, not feel. Therefore, we can easily rank and rate even complex products to help you to make a more informed purchase.

The 7 Best Monitors for the Surface Pro 4

We believe that, for most people, the Acer R240HY is the best monitor. Not only is it very affordable, but it also offers excellent value for money. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and can come with built-in speakers if you want. Therefore, we recommend it highly for all Surface Pro 4 users who are looking for an all-around, quality monitor for a variety of uses.

The standard size for this monitor is 23.8 inches. You can also get it as small as 21.5 or as large as 27 too. In our opinion, most people would be best suited to the standard size. Unless you are doing a lot of video work or playing games, most people won’t benefit significantly from a huge screen.

What they are likely to benefit greatly from is the 60Hz refresh rate. While not perfect for video games, it will ensure a smooth feel to HD and 4k movies. Again, if you plan to play video games extensively, this monitor might not be the best for you. But most Surface users don’t game on them regularly, and therefore we didn’t weigh this issue heavily.

You’ll also notice that the screen has practically no bezel or border. This bezel gives it a more attractive look, with a sleek finish. But it also means that it’s physically smaller and therefore can fit comfortably on smaller desks and in cubicles.

On the hardware side, the monitor takes HDMI, DVI, and VGA. Given that the Surface Pro 4 has none of these ports, we would highly recommend that you get a USB-C to HDMI converter and use this to attach to the monitor. This adaptor will give you the highest quality signal and will also transmit audio if you buy the screen with built-in speakers.

For most people, these speakers are incredibly valuable. Having to buy and fit another device on your desk is a pain. The audio from the monitor is fantastic and well worth the extra money, even just for the convenience.

If this first monitor didn’t do it for you, perhaps this one will. It’s also by Acer, one of the premier mid-range brands in the industry. While they create laptops and desktop computers, they are most known for their quality monitors.

This device comes in at 21.5 inches, a little smaller than the last. However, it’s entirely HD, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The refresh rate is also slightly higher at 75Hz, which will mean a smoother picture if you’re playing games or watching high FPS footage.

The device itself uses AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. This technology ensures a perfectly synced and flawless picture that refreshes regularly and accurately. For streaming movies or playing games, this is incredibly beneficial.

This monitor sells itself as zero-frame. While that’s not technically true, it does has a small bezel and is ultra-thin. This size ensures that it looks gorgeous and can fit into even the most cramped offices and homes.

The screen has a 4ms response time. This time is the amount it will take for you to see movement on the screen after it occurs. For day-to-day tasks, this is fantastic. But for hardcore gamers, you’ll want a screen that’s down to 2ms or even 1ms delay. Again, we’re trying to recommend monitors that are ideal for the average Surface Pro user.

No matter who you are, you’ll have heard of HP. They are arguably the most recognizable brand in the entire PC world. Known for their quality hardware, they are a brand that is trusted by some of the largest corporations in the world for their mission-critical devices.

This monitor is a classic. The Pavilion has been around for years and has improved over time. Today, it’s an incredibly affordable Full HD option that is around a hundred bucks. As a budget option, it’s a fantastic choice. For a little more, you can even get a dual-monitor setup with a stand.

The screen itself has 2 million pixels. While that might sound like a lot, it’s not incredible and will give you a fairly standard picture. Similarly, it only has a 7ms response time. Therefore, we’d primarily recommend this monitor for those looking for a sturdy workhorse for office work. For movies, it will be okay, but not fantastic.

However, you’ll notice that for a monitor of this cost, the colors are incredibly vibrant. The density of color is excellent. Therefore, for photo work and even video editing, this could be a fantastic budget option for creators.

In general, the main reason why people buy the HP Pavilion is that of its reliability. Thin modern monitors are finicky. The Pavilion is sturdy and is likely to last you for years to come because of the reliability and toughness of the components.

We would highly recommend this monitor to users looking for an additional screen for work and leisure. If you browse the web, work on the computer or use social media, this monitor is a cheap option with plenty of benefits. But, it’s not a stunning display that’s for watching long movies or playing games.

The reason why we wanted to include this monitor on the list is that of its size. Some Surface users love a huge monitor, and this is a great choice. If you need a lot of screen space for multiple applications, or if your eyesight isn’t great, a large monitor like this can be very beneficial.

It’s not every day that you find one this size, particularly at a reasonable price. Dell is a brand that you can trust because they create quality products and have done so for decades. With a Full HD, 1920 by 1080 screen, you’ll get high-resolution images with crisp details. Plus, with Dell’s screen technology, you’re guaranteed to get vibrant and deep colors.

Having a screen this size is a real luxury, but you won’t have to break the bank to get this monitor. At under $$, it’s very affordable for these screen dimensions. However, being so big you won’t get as crisp an image as you would at the same resolution on the previous Acer monitors that we listed.

For this reason, we would only recommend this to people who value size over everything else. As a large monitor, which is useful for many people, it’s a bargain. But if you don’t mind a smaller alternative, the Acer monitors will give you superior performance, albeit scaled down.

You don’t need to look closely to see that this isn’t your standard monitor. Not only is it UltraWide, at 21:9 dimensions, it’s also curved. With a curved screen, you get a very different viewing experience, which can be ideal for using multiple applications side by side.

The screen itself is 34 inches wide, making it huge. It has a 3840 x 1440 resolution, which means that even on such a big screen, you’ll get ridiculously crisp images and video. If you plan to have multiple monitors side by side, having a curved screen is fantastic because it gives you a flawless look.

It’s worth noting, all of these benefits come at a cost. We’d only recommend this monitor to power users. If you don’t need a vast curved display, go for the Acer. However, a small niche group of people can benefit from this type of screen and therefore should find this review helpful.

We love this monitor. But the reason why it’s not ranked higher is that it doesn’t offer anything significantly different to far cheaper alternatives like those from Acer and HP. Regardless, if you want a curved screen, but at a small size, this is the ideal option.

At 24-inch, it’s small for a curved monitor. At 60Hz refresh rate and 4ms, it could easily be for video games, especially for those gamers who aren’t hardcore. But where this screen shines is in the picture quality. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you’ll notice that blacks and bright whites are incredibly vivid, making movies and games look incredible!

At 27 inches and with 1080p Full HD, this is a fantastic monitor. The reason why it’s not ranked higher is that ViewSonic, the brand that makes this monitor, isn’t particularly well-known. While not a huge issue, it does mean that it’s difficult for us to know how reliable the customer service will be going forward.

We tend to prefer to buy expensive electronics from quality companies that have a proven track record. But that’s not to say that we won’t give new things a chance. Plus, with an industry-leading 3-year coverage and warranty, you’ll be more protected with this monitor than you would be with name-brand alternatives.

We tend to prefer to buy expensive electronics from quality companies that have a proven track record. But that’s not to say that we won’t give new things a chance. Plus, with an industry-leading 3-year coverage and warranty, you’ll be more protected with this monitor than you would be with name-brand alternatives.

Buyers Guide: Find The Best Monitor For Surface Pro 4

When you’re thinking about a monitor, you have a lot to consider. The most obvious difference between screens is the size. The size of monitors is typically measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner. They can range from 18” up to 50” and even larger. Most people will need a screen between 18” and 24” for day-to-day tasks.

However, for video games or movies you might want to go even larger. The next consideration should be the frame rate. Monitors often go up to 144Hz. Hz is a measure of the number of times the screen refreshes the image per second. A faster pace means a smoother picture. But a monitor above 60Hz is only needed for video editing and playing games.

Cost is also a huge consideration. As with most tech goods, the price can differ significantly. Pick a number in your head and stick to it to prevent yourself from overspending.

It’s worth noting that the Surface Pro 4 only has a USB-C and a Mini-Displayport. Most modern monitors require Displayport or HDMI, and therefore you’ll need to purchase an adaptor to utilize these premium monitors. Adaptors typically are relatively cheap and buying a quality cable should reduce any possible signal loss or disruption. To summarize:

  • Keep in mind the price
  • Figure out how large a screen you need
  • Decide what you want to use the monitor for
  • Find the right adaptor for the monitor

Core m3 vs i5 vs i7 processors

The Core m3 vs. i5 processor vs. i7 processor comparison has been around for a long time. And for each processor generation, the “best” option differed depending on individual needs. Microsoft has finally released a new version of their Surface Pro with the Kaby Lake processors.

So how does this generation of Core m3 vs. i5 vs. i7 perform within the Surface Pro skin?

Here are the specs on paper:

CPUCore m3 7Y30Core i5 7300UCore i7 7660U
# of cores222
# of threads444
Clock speed1.0 – 2.6 GHz2.6 – 3.5 GHz2.5 – 4.0 GHz
GPUIntel HD 615Intel HD 620Intel Iris Plus 640

As you can see, the number of cores and threads don’t change across the range, just as it has been in the past.

As expected, there is a big jump in clock frequency from the Core m3 to Core i5 models, but Intel processors have artificially crippled the Core i5 model by reducing the cache size slightly to 3MB. The Core i7 model still features the same ‘smart’ cache as the one found in the Core m3 model. The Core i7 model’s base frequency is actually lower than the Core i5’s! But it does peak well beyond the level of the Core i5’s ‘turbo’ frequency.

Also interesting to note here is that the TDP difference between the Core m3 and the Core i5 is massive (which is to be expected given their frequencies), but the Core i5 and the Core i7 models feature identical TDP numbers. Does this mean the Core i7 model will not have much in the way of battery life penalty?

Stay tuned – another article will address this.

The GPU units are different across the board as well. In theory, the Iris Plus 640 found in the Core i7, should give 3D tests huge boosts.

Let’s move on to the benchmark scores.

Novabench – Core m3 vs i5 vs i7

Novabench has been around forever. It reports a nice, simple set of numbers for easy comparison between different Windows (or iMacs) devices.

Novabench measures the CPU performance (integer, floating point, and MD5 hashing), GPU test (3D graphics), and raw hardware performance (RAM, Disk speeds). The entire test only runs for a few minutes so I would not call it extensive, but it is easy to compare across different devices.

Here are the results for each of the Surface Pro machines:

 System RAM TestCPU Test3D Graphics TestDrive Write Speed Test
Core i7 7660U21153423136
Core i5 7300U1595266326
Core m3 7Y301524086119

Core M3 Vs. I5 Vs. I7: What Is The Difference In Speed With I5 Vs I7 Processor?

Core i7 7660U vs. Core i5 7300U – The results are all over the place. RAM is 33% faster, but the CPU is only 2% faster! The SSD drive is also 38% faster! But as expected, Core i7’s graphics performance is far far better, almost four times better! This is of course, due to the presence of Intel Iris 640 built into the Core i7’s die.

Core i5 7300U vs. Core m3 7Y30 – Between these two, the differences are much more subdued. The Core i5 is 5% faster in the RAM test, 29% faster in CPU test, only 3% faster in graphics test, and 37% faster in SSD drive speed test.

Core M3 vs. I5 vs. I7: Gaming and Video Editing

Naturally, having good graphics capabilities helps with gaming. But the Core M3 takes things even further than that by boasting that it is the ideal choice for it. According to Intel, the gaming experience it provides is one of a kind because of how amazing the visuals are. They even say it’s the best to come out yet!

The best part of the Core M3 is the fact that you do not need an added card in order to experience all that it has to offer for gaming. Not only is the display amazing, but the amount of games to choose from has increased. You have Google play your fingertips, and the M3 processor belonging to the core is the thing that changed the game. Tests have been conducted that have proven the M3 processor core to be significantly faster and higher quality. There is less waiting time when it comes to videos and code loading. For the gamer, this is incredible news. The Core M3 rightfully boasts being able to save you precious time overall.

On the flip side of the coin, video editing is a task similar to gaming. You will need the ability to experience minimal glitching, fast performance, and smooth visuals on-screen. All these things are promised with the Core M3, but remember that this processor is best for basic editing. Things like editing GoPro videos can be done, but it is not the absolute best option for video editing anything more than the basics.

As far as the i5 vs. i7 processor laptops go, some of the issues seen with these two types are the size in weight. The i5 is significantly heavier than the i7, which is enough reason for some to choose the slightly more expensive i7. These are definitely faster as well as hold more storage for games and videos. Many would say at the end of the day that the i7 is not a significant enough improvement in the areas of these two categories for the jump in price. You have to remember, the core M3 is an entirely different processor from the i5 and i7. So you are really comparing the M3 and then the i5 and i7.

Core M3 vs. I5 vs. I7: PCMark V10

PCMark v10 is a benchmark designed to produce numbers realistically mimic the work environment. It uses a wide variety of tests. Hence, it doesn’t rely heavily on one type of analysis over another.

The results are split into  three categories– ‘Essentials,’ ‘Productivity,’ and ‘Digital Content Creation.’ And finally, it produces a single number that represents the overall performance, called ‘PCMark 10 score’.

 EssentialsProductivityDigital Content CreationPCMark 10 Score
Core i7 7660U6900586627403444
Core i5 7300U6103471222772889
Core m3 7Y305824374918072440

Core i7 7660U vs. Core i5 7300U – The Core i7 outperforms the Core i5 by 13% in Essentials, 24% in Productivity, and 20% in Digital Content Creation.

Core i5 7300U vs. Core m3 7Y30 – The Core i5 outperforms the Core m3 by 5% in Essentials, 26% in Productivity, and 18% in Digital Content Creation.

Overall, the performance gap between the Core i7 and Core i5 is roughly similar to that of the Core i5 and the Core m3 based on these results.

Core M3 vs. I5 vs. I7: Cache

The level of cache available determines the productivity levels at which you can work. Naturally, the Core M3 is decently fast, while the i7 has faster speeds than the i5.

The beauty of the larger cache is that you can do so many things at once, thus the larger the cache, the more things you can do. Some of the things a large cache helps you to accomplish are multi-tasking edits, spreadsheets, documents, browsers, and calculations.

A large cache is great for those who use their device to work and need to get a ton done at once. Many of us are entirely reliant on fast devices to do our jobs efficiently. This means that since the cache is the background storage that makes your multitasking readily available, you will need a ton of it.

Memory cache speeds up your computer, but how exactly? Well, let’s walk through it. The cache is a high-speed data storage piece. In this piece, the microprocessor keeps track of your most used data and stores it. If you begin to use programs that require more substantial data usage, this same microprocessor will use the cache memory processor space to store that data and carry out the necessary tasks quickly and effectively. The more storage room, the higher the speed at which it can work. So if your work is overwhelmingly large, it is going to be best to have more spacious cache storage.

If we are getting technical, i7s on average have 12MB, and i5s have 9MB. Depending on your job and level of productivity needed, you can determine which system is a better fit for you.

But there is one caveat to be aware of: there is a point at which a higher cache does nothing for speed. It is essential to recognize this as you purchase either the i5 or i7. It is useless to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily if the larger cache won’t even do the things you want it to do. It is not harmful to have a too large cache, but it might merely be useless.

Since most caches tend to be on the smaller side, this is only something you will need to worry about if your amount of work and productivity needs are exceptionally high. To determine this, you will need to use your past experiences with maxing out a smaller cache in the past and go from there.

All in all, it is a general rule that productivity performance is best done if you have enough space to store your various common applications. It only makes sense for this to be the case. Think of it like having those cookbooks you read regularly or favorite coffee mugs you use all the time in an easily accessible front drawer or cabinet. The same is true of a cache memory storage space.

Core M3 vs. I5 vs. I7: 3DMark V11

3DMark measures precisely what the name says – 3D graphics performances of each device.

 TestsCore m3 7Y30Core i5 7300UCore i7 7660U
Time SpyFailedFailed571
Fire Strike7218241,099
Sky Diver3,2493,4424,354
Cloud Gate4,9535,5436,820
 Ice Storm Extreme31,78033,97946,521

Both the Core m3 and the Core i5 models have failed the Time Spy test which also happens to be the newest and the most stressful test of this group. Time Spy test needs more V-Ram to run the entire test clean and completely.

The results are pretty clear – there is a small incremental improvement going from the Core m3 to the Core i5. But by far the most significant gaps exist between the Core i5 and the Core i7 models.

Core M3 vs. I5 vs. I7: Browser Tests

Google Octane is a browser-based benchmark site. You don’t need to install any applications on your laptop. It measures the execution speed of the Javascript engine.

Similarly, Mozilla Kraken also measures the Javascript execution speed. I’ve added this to get some diversity.

CPUCore m3 7Y30Core i5 7300UCore i7 7660U
Google Octane v2.022,01831,44036,030
Mozilla Kraken v1.11626 ms1153 ms1031 ms

The results here show that the Core i5 performs much better than the Core m3 in both tests. The Core i7, on the other hand, only returns slight advantage over the Core i5.

Let’s Talk About Core I9

Core i9 is a workhorse compared to the i5 and i7 cores. The use of i9 is typically for professional workers or very prestigious gamers. This core is a costly investment, but it is useful if you need the space. I9 has proven itself to be very productive and valuable. You will have to do some research to find one of the few laptops that offer it, but it is known for being one of the most powerful available in our day and age. As a laptop addition, this is a powerful agent. But for a desktop, it is an absolute wonder. This more advanced and stronger option is even more costly, but it is known as the most loved among serious gamers. If you need a bit more juice, the i9 core may be for you!

Final Thoughts on the Core M3 vs I5 vs I7

If you are looking to get some excellent performance in 3D graphics, you have no choice – you must get the Core i7 model. The difference is so big that it would be stupid to consider another model, even if they are significantly cheaper.

If you are looking for a productivity model with some value, then the choice is less obvious. One factor that will weigh significantly in your purchasing decision is that the Core m3 model only comes in 4GM of RAM and 128GB of SSD. If you need more capacity, the m3 model isn’t for you.

For the rest of you, the Core i5 model (with the options of 4 or 8GB RAM, 128 or 256GB SSD) will probably suit you the best.

(UPDATE: Please check out this article for in-depth battery life comparison!)

(More comparison tests are coming soon – storage speed, SD card performance, battery life test, etc. Also, more tests to compare the performances between the Surface Pro vs. Surface Pro 4.)

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Surface Pro 4 Battery Life Benchmarks

The Surface has been out for about seven weeks as I write this and I finally managed to get all of my data together to do some real-life Surface Pro 4 battery life benchmarks. Part of this delay was to give Microsoft a chance to address some ongoing battery issues with the November Update which released in mid-November.

I’ve done this type of testing for previous Surface models, and many people have found it much more useful and accurate than synthetic benchmarks created by battery testing software (which many reviewers use).

So, let’s get down to the test results.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Benchmarks

Here are the results for all three SP4 CPU models (m3, i5, i7). For these tests, in the interest of scientific rigor, my testing procedure was as follows (unless noted otherwise in a specific section):

  • The m3 SP4 had 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD
  • The i5 and i7 SP4s and 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSDs.
  • The Surfaces were all patched up as of November 15th (and included the November Update).
  • The Surfaces were not updated during the test sequence (to keep the patch level consistent throughout the tests).
  • The tests were run six times for each model and averaged to get the results below.
  • The devices were fully recharged and restarted before each test run.
  • The default “Balanced” power plan was used on each device.
  • Screen brightness was set to “Suggested.”
  • The devices were used until the critical battery action put them into hibernate at 3% remaining capacity. All low power messages were ignored.
  • None of the three devices I tested seemed to suffer from any issues or bugs that caused premature battery drain.
  • If I got an “outlier” result (such as the battery only running half as long during a single test), it was discarded, and a new run was performed.
  • Results were rounded to the nearest minute.

Now that you know what my testing procedure was like, let’s move onto the actual benchmarks.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Normal Use

In this scenario, I tested a “normal use” scenario. I used the Surfaces to do things like web surfing, blogging, editing pictures, light graphics work, email, Facebook, streaming videos, etc. In other words, I basically just used them to work and web surf like any normal day.

I let the SP4s turn off the screen and sleep normally when I wasn’t using them, but I did not power them off or press the power button to rest them manually.

This graph shows minutes of battery life during regular use, including when sleeping:

All three tablets would have made it through a typical 8-hour work day but, the m3 model would have just barely squeaked by at 7 hours and 54 minutes. By comparison, the i5 model gave me, on average, 10 hours and 4 minutes of life

This graph shows the total battery life while the Surfaces were actually powered on and in use (not including sleep):

You might be surprised by how poorly the m3 version did with this test. At 376 minutes (6 hours, 16 minutes) of average total run time, it had a battery life that was even less than the average for the i7 version. However, nothing was wrong with the test. It seems that the m3 version of the SP4 is simply less efficient than the other models.

If you try these tests yourself, the results will vary depending on the types of software you run, power settings, and how often you let your Surface go to sleep. I tend to let my Surfaces sleep about 30% of the time during the day, and I don’t tend to run high-intensity apps like Mathematica, Lightroom, or Lumion. Inversely, I do often run several web browser windows at once, and I usually have MS Paint and/or Excel running in the background; so, I am taxing the CPU a little bit, just not a lot.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Streaming

For this test, I fired up the Netflix app and played back to back videos until the battery was exhausted. There were minimal gaps between videos (sometimes I had to deal with the “are you still watching” prompts). This test does a good job of simulating being on a long flight and passing the time by streaming movies. I did the same thing with YouTube (in Chrome).

The results are as follows:

Correction: The original graph for this section was incorrect. The m3 data was good but, the data for the i5 and i7 models were from a different test that I decided not to use (powered on, doing nothing). The graph above is the corrected version. The other graphs were double-checked and are correct.

As you can see, the m3 model once again is lagging behind the i5 model but, has a slight edge on the i7 model. Streaming from the net uses Wi-Fi quite a bit, but it shouldn’t be a significant tax on the CPU; so the m3, in theory, should have an advantage.

It also seems that the Netflix app is a little more efficient than YouTube on Chrome, which is not a total surprise.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Gaming

For this test, I fired up SP4 is lacking) but they are still pretty good, and it draws each spacecraft component separately which adds to the CPU load.

Here are my results:


The m3 finally outperformed the i5 and i7 for battery duration. However, even though the battery lasted longer, it was much more painful to play KSP on the m3 than the others.

Often, I would have framerates in the single digits when I had more than one small spacecraft on screen. The i5 was quite playable most of the time (but would lag if I had a lot of objects on display) and the i7 version played pretty smoothly no matter what I had on screen (up to a point I put a monster space station with 628 individual parts in orbit, anyway).

Funny enough, if you look at my post on the Surface Pro 4 for this test, you will see that the SP3 has a battery with a larger capacity.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Recharging

While depleting the battery is usually more fun, how quickly you can recharge your SP4 is pretty essential, as well. So, here are the results of my testing where I recharged the SP4 models from 3% back up to 100%. The tablets were not in use during the charge cycles:

This time, the result is pretty much a draw as all three versions recharge in a little over 2 hours and 30 minutes. Since the m3 version of the SP4 comes with a 24W charger (as opposed to the 36W version that comes with the i5 and i7 versions), I was a bit surprised by this result.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: How to Save Battery Life on Surface Pro 4

There are some basic things you can do to save battery life on this Surface. These are fantastic tips if you are looking to experience prolonged juice, in addition to already having a good battery!

Use Battery Saver Mode

There is an icon in your notifications section (it can also be searched, or Cortana can be used) that can be set up. This preserves the battery as much as possible by automatically dimming the screen as well as turning off other behind the scenes life suckers. You can turn this one on at all times, or select it to go on automatically when it hits 20%.

Disable background apps

In your settings, you can disable the background apps with a simple click. Go to the privacy feature and then click on background apps under the words “let apps run in the background”. You also have the option to turn off individual apps as you desire. These selections will help your device to do less work and therefore preserve your battery.

Keep an eye on your brightness

When the brightness automatically adjusts to brighter, it is wise to put it at a moderate level. High brightness on the display is one of the worst battery drainers. You can change the brightness through settings, on your toolbar, or on the keyboard itself.

Turn off battery suckers you don’t need

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile broadband are all things that run in the background. They are always searching for networks, and they drain your battery life in the process. Airplane Mode is a great way to give your laptop a break when you can go without these features. You can also individually keep them off as they are not in use.

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Best Accessories

We can talk all day long about battery life, but I also wanted to give you some insight into how to improve your time spent on the Surface Pro 4. I am doing that by giving you a list below of some of the best accessories! These accessories will only make your device even more lovable than it already is.

Type Cover

Some would argue that the Microsoft Surface type cover(aka the Surface’s keyboard) is the most important of all the accessories. This addition is the one thing that can make or break you having just a tablet or a two in one tablet and laptop. And the Surface 4 type cover is the best out there! It is larger than its predecessors by a whopping 40 perfect, and it’s so upgraded that even the Typepad glass is smoother than before! Not only does it have these improved features, but it is also faster, and typing has never been more comfortable with the new space that fits in between keys. There are even a few extra keys that come with this upgrade, which adds onto the list of improvements. All that extra space was truly put to good use!

Car Charger

The next great accessory on our list is the car charger for your Surface Pro. Do you use your Surface on the go regularly? Do you worry about it dying while you’re on the road? Then this is a great accessory for you! Laptop chargers seemed all but a far off dream for many of us. But now they are here and made just for your device. This charger is specifically designed for both the Pro 3 and 4. It also keeps the device from overcharging, which protects your battery from harm in the long run!

Surface Pen Tip Kit

Our third great feature is the Surface Pen Tip Kit, which saves you from buying a ton of pen types or wearing out your pen. With this kit, you have a great variety of sensitivity in your pen tips as well as different shapes and sizes. This product is a customizable set of pen tips which help you to get to work more efficiently. Regardless of if you draw, shade, write, select, or whatever you do, these tips are great for anyone who is looking for more than the generic tip that came along with your surface when you first purchased it.

Urban Armor Gear

The last add ons we will cover are some very protective, military-grade accessories. The first is the Urban Armor Gear, which is a surface case made for your Pro 4. This case offers ultimate protection from severe potential damages such a dropping it, scraping it, and scratching it. Not only is this an incredible protector, but it also has a built-in storage space for your Surface Pen! You can even stand this case up in not one, not two, but FIVE positions! Not to mention, it does not block any necessary ports from being used. It’s like a dream protector.

Matte Screen Protector

One of the best brands around is the ArmorSuit MilitaryShild. This accessory of theirs helps to keep your screen from scratching and cracking. If you are on the go frequently, have children around, or simply experience wear and tear that can lead to breakage, this screen protector is your best bet. It is military grade, meaning it’s top-notch quality. It is designed for this device specifically and offers incredible clarity through the glass. This protective layer is not like others meaning it is clear as day. This protector allows the device to remain free of common issues like fingerprints, dust, oil, and even screen bubbles. Not to mention, it is a UV protection, meaning the glass will not yellow like others tend to do. Lastly, the brand is so incredible that they allow you to claim free of charge if it does not live up to its expectations.

There is everything from mouses and chargers, to a variety for pens, to cases and screen protectors. There are so many fun and useful accessories out there for you to purchase and enjoy with your Surface Pro 4. We have covered a good variety of them below, but be sure to dig deeper and find ones that aren’t listed here as well!  

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Conclusion

Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Final Thoughts

So, according to the marketing folks, the low-end m3 version of the SP4 should have the best battery life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I poked around online looking for other SP4 m3 battery reviews, and it seems that SP4 that was pretty similar to mine. This makes me think that my testing wasn’t flawed and that there’s something wrong with the m3 equipped SP4 when it comes to power management.

Overall, the i5 version seems to do the best job of managing battery life and, as a bonus, it has more computing power than the m3 model. So, if you want the best battery life from your Surface Pro 4, opt for one of the i5 models.

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Turn Off Hibernation In Windows 10

Core M3 Vs I5 Vs I7 Processors

What’s new about the Microsoft Surface Book With Performance Base?

While everyone is raving about the Microsoft Surface Studio, people are defiantly sleeping on the Surface Book with Performance Base!

The Surface Book is a love it or hate it device.

Some may hate the fulcrum hinge that divides the tablet to the keyboard, and others love the unique design.

The tablet itself still stands on a dual-core configuration and up to i7 Skylake Possessor. It holds up the 16GB of ram and 3000×2000 display with 267ppi.

What Is a Surface Book

Simply put, the Surface Book is a convertible laptop, and the first full laptop to come out among the Surface devices. Windows is the maker, and this is a windows 10 addition to the Microsoft Surface device lineup. The Surface Book came out in late 2015.

The things that make this device different are its unique keyboard dock and the secondary battery that offers good battery life. You can use this as a tablet or flip it back around and attach it to the keyboard, to use as a laptop.

What Are the Features of a Surface Book

There are quite a few bells and whistles that come with a Surface Book.

Full laptop power

This title means it is sturdy and more substantial than any before it. Surface Book has the level of drive that a laptop contains, but the daintiness of a tablet as well. You can count on strength, as Windows brags it is the most powerful Surface laptop.


The tablet detaches from the keyboard, making it a sleek tablet that can be used for drawing, writing, or other things you would typically use a tablet for, alongside your Surface Pen.

Creative performance

This laptop/tablet love child is made for maximum creativity, regardless of if it is in tablet mode or laptop mode. There is the beauty of a 16GB memory hold, as well as the option for an i5 or i7 system processor, and a 6th Generation Intel Core. I mean, what more could you need? This is a great variety of features.

A graphics wonder

Since there is a discrete graphics chip lodged inside, as well as better video playback the Surface Book is made for the creatives. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or videographer, you will appreciate this feature. The Surface Book is compatible with programs like Adobe and Photoshop. With the built-in multi-touch PixelSense, you can master the the art of curating by using your surface pen.


Since this is a Windows 10 device, you will have OneNote right at your fingertips. This program is the ultimate storage spot for everything from your to-do lists, to calendar events, to notes, and everything in between. OneNote is accessible on all devices, making it the perfect way to organize on the go.

This device is not just great for the creatives. It is also ideal for the gamers too. If you want to hook up your Xbox wireless controller to the Surface Book, you are more than able to. This laptop is built to accommodate hardcore gaming, so get ready to play!

What Accessories Are Available with the Surface Book

When you purchase this device, certain things that come with it, and others you can buy separately. These accessories truly up your experience as a Surface Book owner.

A surface pen

Owning this accessory is a game changer, especially for the creative person. You can draw, shade, write, scroll, and so much more with this pen. As you can imagine, this is one of the features that is most talked about with the Surface lineup. Great new? It comes with your device!

Surface Mouse, Surface Mobile Mouse, Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Precision Mouse.

Each of these has a unique function, and they all vary in price pretty significantly. Decide on your needs, then take your pick. All of these are sleek, use current technology, and come in a variety of colors.

Surface Dial

This accessory may be one of the most incredible technological wonders Windows has created to date. You can change the color while you paint with this tool, as well as adjust volume or scroll without putting a single finger on the keyboard. It vibrates on your fingers as you work, giving you a better way to become one with your work. For sketchers, blueprint creators and other artists of all kinds, this is changing the way creators work. There are a variety of creative apps that work alongside Surface Dial. As a partner with the Surface pen, this accessory is the ultimate product for professionals of all kinds. It is a bit like magic!

Type covers

There are a variety of type covers to purchase, but your Surface Book does come with one! If you want to own a variety of type covers or want to try out a different one, these are interchangeable.

Questions to Consider When Buying a Surface Book

When searching for a surface, there are specific questions you can ask that will help you choose the perfect fit. The surface book is not the only option available to you.

1. Consider your needs. Are you are a gamer, a creative, or a professional that needs a drawing board, a manager, a freelancer, a contractor? No matter what your profession, there is most definitely a perfect Surface for you.

2. What features matter to you the most? Do you want a device that can be shared with others or a personal computer device? Do you need a creative design tool? Do you want 4G LTE when wifi is terrible? What amount of storage are you interested in having on a computer? These factors all matter when making a decision

3. Where will you spend the most time using your Surface?

4. How will you use it, meaning do you mostly use it for personal use, for productivity, for gaming and or professional use?

5. Which computer are you looking to purchase? The options range from laptops to desktops, to a 2-in1, which means a tablet with a removable keyboard (such as the Surface Studio)

6. A factor that plays a role in this decision is how frequently you are planning on bringing your Surface with you.

7. Consider your desired screen size, which can then help you determine the number of inches you want.

8. What are you planning to store on your Surface? Simple things like documents, or everything you do online?

Consider these questions, then match your answers with your ideal Surface.

Benefits of Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base:

Now that we have walked through what a Surface Book is, imagine a Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base as pretty much the Surface Book on steroids.

-The newly upgraded d-GPU is packing 2GB 965M, which is an upgrade from the older 1GB 940M. So you are looking to play high graphics games in higher FPS this model is for you!

-At this price point, it competes with the MacBook Pro.

-The battery life is 16 glorious hours long!

-This version is designed to balance at any angle you desire.

-The performance base writes as smooth as a pen on paper.

-This option is even more creative-friendly.

No Wrong Answer

Regardless of which Surface you choose, whether the Surface Book, the Surface Book with Performance Base, or a different Surface in the lineup, these devices are made with you in mind. There is indeed no wrong answer.

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What to Do If Your Surface Won’t Start

Here’s the scenario: We’ve had arctic temperatures here in the mid-west for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, on the way home from work, we made a stop and had several bags of stuff to carry in with us. Consequently, we accidentally left one of our Surface tablets in the car overnight. And the temperatures dropped to -15 F!

Since we have two Surfaces, we did not notice that one was missing.

So, guess what happened? Yep, the Surface froze.

We brought it inside in the morning and let it warm up for several hours, but it still wouldn’t start. So, we figured the battery must be drained and plugged it in for an hour. The Surface RT still would not start.

So, at this point we had two things to try, one of which is not recommended for Surface RT/2.

Your Surface Won’t Start, Method 1:

  1. Make sure that the Power Supply is attached to the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeatedly press and hold the Power button for 1/2 second before letting go (on/off on/off on/off).
  4. Wait a few seconds to see if the Surface begins running and screen turns on.
  5. If it does not, repeat the process.

This is the preferred method but it still did not start our Surface RT.

Your Surface Won’t Start, Method 2:

Important: Microsoft says to NOT use this process on a Surface RT or Surface 2. But obviously our Surface RT already seemed dead, so we were willing to give it a shot.

  1. Always make sure the Surface is turned off first –  not a problem in our case.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up (on the left side) and the Power button at the same time for at least 15 seconds. [You may see the screen flash the Surface logo but continue to hold for 15 seconds.]
  3. Release both buttons and wait 15 more seconds.
  4. Turn on the Surface as usual.

This method worked for us! But as we said, we didn’t have anything to lose. Microsoft says it’s a big NO-NO for the RTs. So, do Method 2 at your own risk.

And that is how you do a hard reset, if your Surface won’t turn on.

What Are Several Reasons Why Surface Pro May Appear Not to Turn On?

A quick google search will show you that if your Microsoft Surface Pro won’t turn on, you are not alone. It’s a common problem for many Microsoft users. It is easy to freak out when your expensive device will not start up and you are stuck seeing a black screen, but do not get worked up right off the bat. The solution may be as simple as needing charging and not a software issue. Though it is always best to take it into the Microsoft store to be serviced, there are certain things you may want to try beforehand.

There are a few reasons why this could be happening, and usually, there is a basic problem to check out with simple answers. The most common reasons are a charging cable connection problem or a power issue.

  1. Cable charging connection problem. One of the best things you can always assume with a black screen Windows is that the battery is dead. This is the most common cause of the device not turning on. Plug it in before you begin to worry! If the device has been plugged in for a while (we suggest at least up to 40% of the battery should be charged) and has not begun running, you need to make sure the power light turns on. If the light is not on, there is a good chance that there is a connection issue with the Surface charging cable and not the device itself.
  2. The next reason your surface pro won’t turn on, as laid out above, may be an extreme climate problem. Your Surface Pro may freeze or overheat. Overheating is a significant cause of devices not turning on. Most devices have a built-in feature that shuts them off if they do begin to overheat as a self-protection mode. This is so that no damage or loss of information comes to your device. You would think these extreme weather conditions would break your device, but this is not always the case. As we have explored above with my frozen divice, there are things you can do to restart and continue using your device.
  3. Our last common issue is your device not waking up from Sleep Mode. In order to help avoid this issue, make sure that your device is always up to date.

At the end of the day, there may be no method to try at home that will fix the issue keeping your device from turning on. Thankfully, there are trained experts ready to help you. Be sure to treat your device with care and get informed about the basic things it takes to maintain a healthy Surface Pro.

How to Troubleshoot a Surface That Won’t Turn On

There are a few ways to troubleshoot a Surface Pro that won’t turn on. Microsoft Support advises these options for users!

Before trying any of these suggestions, we are reminded to be sure to disconnect any additional plugged in accessories such as a USB drive, plug in keyboard, SD card, and any other connected additions. These add ins can affect your device and sometimes cause it to have issues turning on. If your device turns on just fine after you disconnect these accessories, you have likely found the source problem!

  1. The first advised troubleshooting solution is to plug your Surface into the power supply and begin charging it. Charge the battery for a decent amount of time and then try to turn on your device. Hopefully your screen will light up! Like we have previously mentioned, it is possible for there to be an issue with your charger if the Surface charging light does not go on!
  2. The second solution suggested by Microsoft Support is for users to try the “hotkey” keyboard shortcut. This method consists of pressing the Windows command prompt key+Ctrl+Shift+B if you have a keyboard connected. If it’s in tablet mode, press both up and down volume buttons on the keyboard quickly three times and hopefully the Surface will beep and refresh, booting the screen up. If you do not hear this noise, repeat the last step.
  3. The third solution suggested by the experts is to restart the device by forcing shutdown. This solution consists of holding down the power button for ten seconds and up to thirty seconds, or until it reboots, then pressing it again to turn it on. The screen should then light up. Another option is to hold the volume up button on the keyboard and power button simultaneously for 15 seconds. Keep holding it even after the Windows logo pops up on the screen, then press the power button, as usual, to start it up!

Of course, as mentioned before, if none of these troubleshooting options work, taking your device into the Microsoft store for the pros to check it is the best option for users!

Microsoft Surface Pro users may also like our video instructions on Delete Internet Cache on Surface RT upon Exit and Change Language on Your Surface.

Consider a Refurbished Surface Pro 3

With newer Surface Pro laptops being released Microsoft has been offering some pretty good deals on the older Surface Pros. However, if you want to save the most money, you should consider a refurbished Surface Pro 3.

These are factory refurbished Surface tablets that are just as good as a non-refurbished tablet and even carry the same warranty. Depending on the model, you can save up to $350 USD on a refurbished Surface Pro 3!

Here’s an outline of the price difference between refurbished and brand new Surface Pro 3 tablets:

The refurbished Surface Pro 3 tablets come with a Surface Pen and power brick (just like a new one) but because you’re going to save AT LEAST $160 USD you can, essentially, get a Type Cover for free and still save $30 USD off the cost of a non-refurb Surface Pro 3!

Here’s a table outlining the price difference between refurbished and brand new Surface Pro 3 tablets:

SP3 Model New Price Refurbished Price Savings
i3/64GB $799 $639 $160
i5/128GB $999 $799 $200
i5/256GB $1,299 $959 $340
i7/256GB $1,549 $1,159 $390
i7/512GB $1,949 $1,599 $350

Refurbished Surface Pro 3: FAQ

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about refurbished computers (like the SP3).

  • What’s a refurbished SP3? – A refurbished SP3 (sometimes called refurbs) is one that had some sort of problem during testing but was fixable. Alternatively, they may have been returned to Microsoft after someone bought a newer computer or had a (fixable) problem with it.
  • Aren’t they lower quality? – No. In fact, I prefer refurbished machines (when I can get them conveniently) because most quality control (QC) testing is automated these days. Usually, a real-live technician fixes the refurbs and ensures they are working correctly. As much as I like technology, I still think having a trained technician looking something over is going to produce better results than a quick test done as quickly as possible on an automated assembly line.
  • Are there other benefits? –  Aside from saving money, you’re helping save the environment by preventing (at least a few) toxic electronic components from ending up in landfills.
  • Where can I get more information about refurbished computers? – From Microsoft:

Refurbished Surface Pro 3: Where Can I Get One?

When purchasing a refurbished product, it is always best to choose one that is “certified.†With a  refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3, for instance, you will be getting a device that Microsoft has worked hard on, and used their personal touch with. If the device needs a new product, it will be a Microsoft part that is installed.

There are a few things you can 100% count on when getting a Certified product from Microsoft:

  • The device will be tested thoroughly, and you can bet you’ll have a fully functional product in both power and performance.
  • All Windows OS software, as well as updates, will be put back onto your device.
  • Your product will be cleaned and inspected for exterior harm, and then it will be fixed up to look brand new.
  • You will get all your device manuals, cables, and chords, packaged in a new Microsoft box.

Getting a certified refurbished Surface Pro 3 device is the closest thing you can get to a new device without spending new device money on it. Microsoft makes sure to make you feel like your purchase was worth it, and they refurbish the device with total excellence. If the job is done right (and it almost always is, since they have a name to uphold), you should not be able to tell this is a used device!

One of the best perks of getting a certified device from Microsoft is the limited warranty you will receive. Warranties are essential to possess with any software product you purchase (or any costly product, for that matter), but it is even more critical with refurbished devices because anything can go wrong no with it, matter how excellently this product is repaired. Keep in mind, this is still a used product that has been given a new life!

With the refurbished Surface 3, you are genuinely getting maximum savings. You are pretty much getting a new device for a lower price, and it is indeed the better option than purchasing a Surface Pro 3 from a third-party. These offer no guarantee of quality, and likely no warranty either.

Remember that there are multiple versions of the Surface Pro 3, which is a PC with touchscreen display and tons of other features:

  • Surface Pro 3 with a touchscreen tablet and laptop combination. Comes with a the Intel Core processor i5, as well as a 4GB RAM and storage the is 128GB. The best part is you will get the Windows 10 app store included! The surface pro type cover is expensive on its own, so this dual device is indeed a steal.
  • For a bit more, you can purchase a more decked out Surface Pro 3. This next version has 258GB SSD as well as 8GB of RAM. Still a Core i5 processor, just with more space.
  • You even have the option to get an Intel Core i7 laptop processor if this one tickles your fancy. This option has 256GB of storage. Another Intel Core i7 processor option is 512 GB of storage.  

What Are the Advantages of Refurbished Purchasing, And is it Safe?

As we have mentioned above, purchasing refurbished computers means potentially saving hard-earned bucks, as well as leaving less of a carbon footprint behind. But let’s dive a little deeper into these perks and more.

As far as being environmentally conscious, the adoption of devices falls in line with recycling and living more waste free. As a consumer, you are now being beckoned to reuse instead of buying new. Green living was not a conversation we were having just a few years ago, but the world is progressing, and we are making strides into sustainable living, in all areas. Refurbished devices are a key part of this call for better awareness of how the consumer treats the earth.

You, of course, have a choice in the matter, but the industry is changing the game all over the world by reminding us that the adoption of refurbished electronics is something of a duty. E-waste is some of the worst. The constant turnover of new devices is not sustainable for the planet. Unfortunately, we are seeing this more and more as the years go by, and the fad of upgrading every year grows bigger and bigger.

Certified refurbished products are pretty much new and typically come with a warranty, making them seem more and more desirable and trustworthy for the consumer. While major companies work on ways to create more sustainable electronic products (with more raw ingredients), buying refurbished is a big game changer for the planet. The market is changing, and the reliability of certified refurbished products is becoming stronger.

So, is it safe to purchase a refurbished device? In a word, yes. But there is one caveat: the device needs to be certified. If you are buying uncertified, there are tons of issues that can potentially arise. Consumer injury and other accidents have occurred because of unlisted, uncertified products that went south after purchase. If you are looking for safety as well as reliability, certified is the only way to go. Don’t skimp and buy from a third party seller just because it may save you a few bucks. It will not be worth it or cost less in the long run if something goes wrong.

When it comes down to it, it is essential to do all your homework before purchasing a certified refurbished device. Make sure the retailer who is restoring your electronic has good reviews and a good reputation. Do your research on if they offer a warranty for a decent amount of time or not, in case there is an issue after you bring it home with you. It is vital to cover all your bases before purchasing a refurbished product if you are looking for quality that lasts! Buying a surface laptop from a big brand like Windows, or purchasing a certified refurbished Macbook from Apple, is usually your best bet!

If you are smart with your research, you can get computers and tablets for as much as half off of the original price. The price comparison is essential to determine if it is worth purchasing certain products. With our Surface Pro 3, it is worth it because of the benefits and price drop. With the later versions, there are reasons these may not be the wisest investment.

A Refurbished Device Is a Great Option

In general, we see that purchasing refurbished devices is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. The purchase of a certified refurbished Windows Surface Pro 3 comes with tons of perks and nothing to lose. Windows is sure to cover all the bases and give you a great quality product. Consider buying certified refurbished products from here on out! It is best for you, and the planet.

So, if you don’t want to go with a third-party, potentially problematic refurbished Surface Pro 3, and want to save some hard-earned cash on a refurbished SP3, head on over to the refurb section of the online Microsoft Store here: Buy a Refurbished Surface Pro 3.

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Best Computer Desk for Microsoft Surface

While the convenience of laptops rests in that you can use them near anywhere—be it in the office, on your couch, sneaking in some work on the bus—there’s still something nice about having a dedicated workspace. Not only can it help you focus better, but you can also keep everything you need in one space without needing to pack up shop when you’ve finished.

With that in mind, finding a computer desk becomes essential. But, as a Microsoft Surface user, you’ll see that you don’t need all the same components as someone shopping for one to go with their desktop model. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to finding the best computer desk for Microsoft Surface users. Read on!

Computer Desk



Sauder Orchard Computer Desk
Walker Edison Soreno Three-Piece Corner Desk
ApexDesk Vortex
Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk
Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk With Bookshelves
Leick Furniture Corner
Safco Products Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk
Ameriwood Altra Parsons Desk With Drawer
Atlantic Gaming Desk
Wall Mounted Floating Desk With Storage

Sauder Orchard Computer Desk

To start, we have Sauder Orchard’s computer desk. While this model only isn’t made of solid wood, the Carolina Oak finish helps give it an appealing and classy look. It’s also still durable, even with its simplistic design and lack of solid wood. Even better, the construction also helps contribute to the affordable price for those not wanting to overspend.

Because of its basic build, you won’t find too many extra features for computers involved, aside from the sliding drawer for keyboard storage. While that won’t be very useful for a Surface laptop, you can still take advantage of the other two drawers for additional storage, and you’ll have plenty of surface space to fit your computer and any other work you need on hand.

Walker Edison Soreno Three-Piece Corner Desk

Moving into a more modern design territory, we have Walker Edison’s Soreno desk. This corner design has a steel frame that will stay sturdy and resist damage thanks to its powder finish. The desk surfaces are a tempered safety glass that also happens to look great. It seems excellent tucked into a corner or even with only one end against a wall.

You’ll find a keyboard tray as the main additional feature, but the thin build also means it’s no problem to wind your charge cords around the edges for easy access. The L-shaped build also allows you to have two separate work surfaces to use. The free end that won’t host your computer works well for setting up a printer or anything else you may need.

ApexDesk Vortex

Regarding design, this desk is on the simpler side, without any drawers, shelves, or trays attached. However, what it does having going for it is that it’s adjustable. Instead of only being able to sit as you work, the changing height allows you to stand, which can give you some variety to work computer work. The adjustment is mechanical, and it only takes the click of a button to make it work.

While simplistic in design, the desk itself has a scratch resistant finish, which will help it last over time. It also comes with rounded corners, preventing any stiff jabs as you stand near it or if you accidentally bump into the side. And since the overall design is lightweight, it’s easy to move about if you ever move or rearrange your workspace.

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture’s offering brings in another desk that isn’t complete hardwood but has a professional look with a sturdy build. Because of the L-shape, you have plenty of space and surfaces to work with your Microsoft Surface and anything else. This model is another desk that has excellent value thanks to the price, and it would look excellent in a home or work office.

This desk also has plenty of storage space, with a glass door cabinet, as well as several drawers—one of which allows for hanging file folders. There are also four built-in USB ports, perfect for charging various devices without needing to run a power strip through your desk, and a shelf on which you can rest any such devices. With an affordable price, this computer desk also provides excellent overall value.

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk With Bookshelves

Aside from allowing you plenty of space to work on, this desk’s biggest draw is in the amount of additional shelf space. While it doesn’t have any upper shelves, there are two shelves worth of storage space under the L components as well as two open shelves on one end to use. Whether you use them for books, office supplies, or just decoration, you have plenty of space.

You also have a lot of desk space to work on, aside from just setting up your Surface laptop. This desk can hold up to one-hundred pounds, making it great for any other technology or supplies you need, such as a printer. Your computer will feel right at home.

Leick Furniture Corner

While this desk may not have a look you may expect, it’s still a great place to get to work with your Surface laptop. It fits into a corner, but it doesn’t have an L-shape design. Instead, it looks almost like an antique design, but with a few touch-ups. Your computer will settle nicely on top, and you can stow it away in the pull-out drawer when you need the extra space.

In other storage, you have two shelves along the bottom sides that can fit whatever you need, including up to a computer tower if you happen to want also to use the space for a desktop later on. In the back of the desk is a wire station to help keep any connected cords organized that you want to have ready to access.

Safco Products Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk

For another standing desk option with a bit more to it than the Apex Desk, consider Safco’s variation. You can adjust the desk from anywhere between thirty-five to forty-nine inches. Aside from the height options, the wheels on the bottom allow you to quickly move the whole model about your work area or to another location, and they lock into place when you’re ready to settle down.

Regarding surface working space, this desk doesn’t have a lot, but you will be able to settle down with your Surface laptop and be ready to go. The keyboard tray can serve as extra surface space, and you have two additional shelves which will easily fit a printer, office supplies, or extra paper. This desk is also on the lower cost spectrum, making an affordable addition to your office space.

Ameriwood Altra Parsons Desk With Drawer

One of the benefits of looking for a laptop desk is that you don’t need anything complicated to use. Ameriwood’s model is just as simple as the name makes it sound, and it’s the perfect addition to anyone looking for a clean space without any clutter. The black finish also provides a beautiful look that can easily fit into any décor.

That aside, the overall vibe this desk gives off is a compact simplicity, without much extras that become distracting. Apart from the work surface, you have an inner center drawer that can hold office supplies at the ready. Even so, the overall work area you have is extensive, allowing you to spread out whatever you need to use. The design is also lightweight, allowing for easy transport.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

If you’re using your Microsoft Surface laptop to game, then you may want to consider this desk as your choice. With a carbon fiber surface and metallic finish, the overall design is sleek while also staying steady and being excellent for organizing all your gaming extras in one convenient space. You have not only a game storage rack but also a cupholder and a headphone hook at the ready.

For all your mobile devices, this desk has a charging station waiting and the ready. You’ll also have a power strip holder that can ensure you always have enough outlets for your devices nearby. If you also want to combine your laptop set up with a desktop, the extra shelving and keyboard tray will make it easy to do just that.

Wall Mounted Floating Desk With Storage

​​​​​​​If floor space is a concern for you, then this wall-mounted desk might be just what you need. Not only does it not take up as much room, but it also looks cool in your office area. You have the primary workspace, along with multiple top and side shelves for extra storage, with a total of five shelves in addition to the main desk space.

With a twenty-seven inch inner width, your Surface laptop will have more than enough room for you to work on comfortably. You can also choose from three different finishes:

  • Black
  • White
  • Espresso

These options allow you to match most typ​​​​es of décor easily, and the rail installation also helps you place the desk at whatever height you need it to be on your wall.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Computer Desk

To help you further narrow down our top picks for the best computer desk for Microsoft Surface, here are some factors to consider to ensure that you get the best fit for not only your laptop but also for your personal preference.

1. Computer Desks Vs. Laptop Desks

While both are types of computer desks, you can find different setups geared towards desktop and laptop models. When working with the former, a model geared towards a larger computer setup will have cabinets to store the tower, as well as a tray for a keyboard and mouse. These features also tend to make these desks larger.

Alternatively, a laptop desk doesn’t have as much need for these features. Instead, you’ll likely find more compact designs, as well as extra features, like charging stations. If they have pull-out platforms, these tend to be larger than those on desktop desks, to accommodate for the size of a laptop over a keyboard.

Both options can work well for Surface users, but you should always confirm that a desk has the features you want.

2. Size

While working on a laptop can require less space than a desktop setup, the overall size of your desk is still essential. You may want a more extensive working area to spread out on, or you could need something small. Don’t forget to check that the desk you want can fit into your chosen space.

3. Factory Assembled Vs. Ready-To-Assemble

Just as the names suggest, a factory-assembled desk comes already in one piece, while a ready-to-assemble model requires some work on your front. A pre-assembled model will tend to cost more, but the build is usually sturdy. On the other hand, putting together your desk can take time, but it saves money and is easier to deliver and move around.

4. Shape

The first image that may pop into mind at the mention of a desk is a rectangular one, but there are more options than that. You can find L-shaped desks that fit into corners, and even more complex shapes that fit into different areas better. When choosing, it’s always best to check your available space and take measurements to ensure you have space for a nontraditional build.

5. Ergonomics

The more ergonomic a desk is, the more comfortable it tends to be for regular use. While desktop-geared models tend to have elevated shelves for monitors and keyboard trays. Some features you may want to consider looking for are a laptop tray, adjustable work height, and a way to manage any cords involved in your setup.

Wrapping up

Just because your Microsoft Surface laptop allows you to work from anywhere doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a desk that you can settle down at and get some work done.

These best computer desk options give you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the ultimate fit for your work area. After all, an excellent computer desk can make all the difference when it comes to staying productive and comfortable in your workspace. You already have one of the best computers around; get a desk that matches.

Best Surface Book 2 Case

When it comes to pieces of technology that can do amazing things, the Surface Book 2 is no exception. Between its high specs and convenient design, the Surface Book 2 provides an easy to transport laptop for many users. However, those conveniences require a rather costly investment—and you’ll want to protect your Surface Book as well as you possibly can.

To that end, you’ll want to find a Surface Book 2 case that can keep away both the usual wear and tear of travel and any larger mishaps that may happen along the way. However, while there are plenty of cases out there, not all of them can provide the protection your Surface Book 2 deserves. Thankfully, we’ve got the complete guide to finding the best case for your Surface Book 2.

Here are our picks for the nine best Surface Book 2 cases

Best Surface Book 2 case Comparison Table

Surface Case


Where to Buy

IPearl MCover Hard Shell Case For 13.5-Inch Surface Book 2  
Urban Armor Gear Surface Book Case  
Toast Surface Book 2 Wood Case  
Waterfield Surface Book 2 Sleevecase  
ICarryAll Executive Surface Book Case  
Hongyixum Surface Book 2 Leather Case  
​​​​​Incipio Honu Sleeve  
KuRoKo Case For Surface Book 2   
Hifriend Surface Book 2 Case  

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 13.5-Inch Surface Book 2 

With its hard shell build, iPearl’s mCover case can stand up to any potential damage your Surface Book 2 may encounter. It also has cut out sections that allow you perfect access to your camera and microphones, letting you always operate at full capacity.

While some cases for Surface Books only come as one piece, the mCover has two separate shells that snap onto both the top and bottom of your laptop, protecting all angles.

The case also comes in multiple colors, from black to orange, allowing you to get excellent protection while still giving your computer some personality. While the mCover is excellent in many aspects, it only comes in one size, fitting the 13.5 model of laptops. If you have the fifteen-inch Surface Book 2, then you’ll need to pick one of the other cases on our list.


  • Separate shells for both halves of the computer
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy access to camera and microphones


  • No cover available for fifteen inch Surface Books

Urban Armor Gear Surface Book Case

Urban Armor Gear’s Surface Book Case is no slouch in the protection department. UAG makes their cases with high-quality material that’s both lightweight and incredibly durable. With military grade protection, you can rest easy that your Surface Book 2 will survive any accident without harm, including drops from tall heights.


Aside from its overall protective capabilities, the UAG case also has cooling vents that help prevent overheating. It even has a dual locks feature, keeping the laptop away from other’s access, and there’s a pen holder to help keep all your gear in one piece. For those that routinely switch between clipboard and laptop mode, UAG’s case stays connected for maximum protection.

A sturdy Surface Book Case overall, UAG, unfortunately, does not have a model that can fit fifteen inch Surface Books. The high quality of these cases also makes them some of the most expensive.


  • Military-grade protection can withstand even drops from tall heights
  • Cooling vent
  • Dual lock feature
  • Attached pen holder


  • No case available for fifteen inch Surface Books
  • One of the costlier picks on our list

Toast Surface Book 2 Wood Case

When it comes to protective cases for any technology, there seems to be a trade-off between having something that keeps your computer safe and having something that’s aesthetically pleasing to have. Toast Surface makes that decision a thing of the past with its wood case. With a precision cut wood design, this case is sure to make an incredible addition to your computer.

Of course, it’s not just merely a pretty accessory. Toast Surface’s Surface Book 2 case provides complete protection to all ends of your laptop, including the fulcrum hinge that gives the Surface Book its flexibility.

Because of the build of this case, though, it can be rather expensive. But if you have the money for it, this case is more than worth the investment.


  • Wood design is both unique and durable
  • Protects the Surface Book’s hinge


  • The most expensive of our top picks

Waterfield Surface Book 2 Sleevecase

Plenty of protective laptop cases attach directly to the computer itself, but that’s not always the best fit for everyone. If you’re instead looking for a Surface Book case to upgrade your old laptop bag, Waterfield has a product that’s worth considering. The sleeve case has a soft interior, a pen loop, and a back pocket for extra storage, and it fits both available sizes of Surface Books.

You even get the opportunity to pick out a case that best fits you. Waterfield offers both horizontal and vertical models. To help further match your style, you can choose between the canvas and nylon materials. It’s also possible to get D-rings and shoulder straps to transform the case into an easy to carry bag.

While this case doesn’t provide constant protection to your Surface Book 2, it’s still an excellent way to transport your laptop. Just be aware that if you want to order a shoulder strap with the case, you’ll be looking at additional costs.


  • Fits both sizes of Surface Books
  • Plenty of storage
  • Can customize certain aspects of the design


  • Doesn’t stay connected to your laptop
  • Adding a shoulder strap can increase the cost

ICarryAll Executive Surface Book Case

The Executive Surface Book Case from iCarryAll brings together sleek looks with practicality. The microfiber works twofold—not only does it give a classy and professional look, but it also helps protect the Surface Book’s skin and screen. The material is also waterproof, meaning that you have less to worry about when it comes to unexpected spills.

The Executive Surface Book Case comes in a variety of designs, all of which allow you always to access your laptop’s ports and buttons. The build also allows you to detach the screen and the keyboard without needing to remove the case. When you close the screen, the case’s elastic strap can help you secure it shut.

Like many other cases on this list, there isn’t a fifteen-inch model available for those with the larger version of the Surface Book 2. However, iCarryAll seems to have one in the works.


  • Microfiber design
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple designs available
  • Can separate screen and keyboard without removing the case


  • Does not currently have a case for fifteen-inch models

Hongyixum Surface Book 2 Leather Case

While the Surface Book 2 can support itself when the keyboard and screen are connected, the same doesn’t quite hold for the tablet portion. Hongyixum’s leather case helps provide a solution to this issue, with an included kickstand to support the Surface Book 2 during those times when the keyboard gets in the way.

Aside from how it lets you use the tablet on its own, this model further embodies flexibility in its design. With the wrap-around configuration, you can easily adjust the case to however you need it to perform—all while still keeping your Surface Book safe from any harm. Regarding price, it’s more affordable in comparison to some other top picks.

While the flexibility of Hongyixum’s case can be great for the convenience of use, it doesn’t provide the same amount of hardcore protection you’ll find in some other models. There’s once again no fifteen-inch case available.


  • Flexible design
  • Comes with a kickstand to support tablet on its own
  • One of the more affordable options


  • Not as durable as some other cases on the market
  • No fifteen-inch case

Incipio Honu Sleeve 

Incipio’s Honu Sleeve protects your Surface Book 2, whether you want to carry it on its own or stow it in your bag. For people who bring a lot of tech with them, it can be easy for extra accessories to scratch up a computer—and this sleeve helps prevent that. While not providing the same constant protection as some other cases, it does come at a reasonable price.

The overall design of the Honu Sleeve is one of its biggest draws, with green, pink, and purple nylon options available. That material is also durable, and the honeycomb stitch pattern across the top helps reinforce the case, helping it last. While it’s not entirely waterproof, you can expect protection from some stray moisture.

Aside from the lack of a fifteen-inch model, Incipio only sells its Surface Book 2 sleeve through its website, and not through other online retailers.


  • Provides protection when transporting your Surface Book 2
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable and appealing design
  • Microsuede padding protects from moisture


  • No model for fifteen-inch computers
  • Can be hard to find retailers

KuRoKo Case For Surface Book 2

KuRoKo’s Surface Book 2 case has a lot going for it. The design helps to protect your computer while still allowing easy access to your ports. You can even easily get to the bottom of your Surface Book without needing to remove the case if necessary. The KuRoKo makes using your computer comfortable, and there’s even a kickstand to support the tablet half whenever you need it.

This case is another model that allows you to keep the parts attached, even when you separate the keyboard from the tablet. While not real leather, the materials for the cover not only look good but help you keep a close grip on your Surface Book as you carry it around. The inside is also made from quality material, adding to the overall durability. You also get comprehensive screen protection.

Unlike some of the other picks on our list, this Surface Book 2 case only comes in one color, so that can limit your options. The lack of a model that fits the fifteen-inch model is another downside.


  • Comes with a kickstand for tablet only support
  • Provides easy access to ports and separation
  • Materials offer protection, durability, and a close grip on the computer
  • Comes with comprehensive screen protection


  • Just comes in one color and design
  • No fifteen-inch case

Hifriend Surface Book 2 Case

For a computer case that’s sure to impress, you can count on the Hifriend’s product to do the job. Like the KuRoKo case, Hifriend offers a synthetic leather material along with stitched fabrics to help keep your laptop safe. The overall design has a portfolio feel, giving it a professional look that easily fits into any environment that demands a bit of class.

Aside from the overall look, this case comes in both models suitable for the fifteen- and thirteen-inch Surface Books, and both fall into the lower-middle range of pricing. Like many other of our top picks, you won’t have to remove the case to detach the parts of the Surface Book from each other, allowing for convenient use.

One thing to stay wary of with the Hifriend Case is how its design connects to the Surface Book. Unfortunately, this model does cover up some of the ventilation, which can be problematic if you need every ounce of performance from your computer.


  • Allows for easy detachment
  • Attractive PU leather material and portfolio design
  • Available for both thirteen- and fifteen-inch computers


  • Design partially covers up ventilation

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Surface Book 2 cases, you have multiple options in both the amount of protection you want along with the type of design you want to show off. For those that are content to let their laptops be as is and only want something to carry it around it, many companies also have Surface Book sleeves to provide just that.

Unfortunately, owners of the fifteen inch model of the Surface Book 2 have a bit fewer options at their disposal, but there are still some excellent cases that you can consider. Hopefully, as time goes on, we’ll see more companies expanding their range of available accessories. Until then, though, you’ll need to stay alert for products that fit your needs.

Some of the more protective Surface Book 2 cases have higher price tags on them, but you can still find more affordable options among our top picks. No matter what, though, your Surface Book 2 is a piece of technology that’s beyond worth the investment into any of our top picks!