Comparing iPad to Surface RT and Surface Pro

Is a Surface tablet better for me than an iPad?

I’m sure many of you have seen the hilarious iPad vs. Surface iPads are similar devices, i.e. they are both designed to be just tablets but the Surface Pro is in a class of its own. However, since this is a common question, I thought I would actually do a comparison of all three. Continue reading Comparing iPad to Surface RT and Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface books

I’ve had the opportunity to review some of the books out there covering the use of Surface (Surface Pro & Surface RT) and Windows 8. While a lot (if not all) of the information about the Surface or Windows 8 is freely available on the internet, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to find it all in one place (like in a book).

So, for this post, I thought I’d share some of the books that I liked. I wouldn’t recommend you get them all as there’s a lot of redundancy but you might want to consider getting one for reference. Continue reading Microsoft Surface books

Accessories for the Surface Pro/RT

There are many accessories for the Surface tablets on the market but which ones are worth spending money on?

At this point, I’ve had opportunity to try out a lot of different accessories for the Surface tablet and I have some recommendations to share with you.

I’m assuming you’ve already gotten either a type or touch cover. If not, you should get one. The on-screen keyboard is good for some things but typing long documents or e-mails isn’t one of them. If you need help deciding between a touch or type keyboard, check out my post on Touch vs. Type Cover Comparison. OK, let’s get started… Continue reading Accessories for the Surface Pro/RT

Microsoft Surface Durability


It was in slow motion  – like it always is when you drop something expensive. I watched as my wife’s new $899.00 Surface RT tablet headed for the floor.

She’s never going to let me live it down….

I watched, helpless, as it dropped from the 4 foot high service desk towards the hard tile floor – my futile attempt to catch it only making it worse.

At the moment of impact the keyboard went flying as the tablet skidded, face down, across the floor and hit the wall 5 feet away. Hard.

I rushed over to scoop up the Surface moments after it came to a stop. I was sure it was broken and was preparing myself for the onslaught of taunting from my wife that I was sure was to follow.

As I tentatively turned it over in my hands, I noted only one bit of apparent damage. There was a small piece of the outer case missing from the corner that struck the floor but I didn’t see so much as a scratch on the rest of the device.

I pressed the power switch and saw the familiar “Surface” appear on the screen.

Oh, thank God!! It still works!!

Continue reading Microsoft Surface Durability

Surface Blogs I Like

As I’ve written my posts over the past couple of months, I’ve often found myself reading other Surface blogs for ideas or information. There are a lot of people out there passionate about the Surface, Windows 8 or tablet computing in general. So, I thought I’d share my favorites with you.

The Surface Blog

This blog is maintained by the very team who created the Microsoft Surface! It’s updated every couple of weeks and is often focused on upcoming releases and availability issues. It’s an interesting read and let’s you get a glimpse of the people behind the device.

Continue reading Surface Blogs I Like

Touch vs Type Cover? Surface Keyboard Comparison

OK, you’ve been reading my weekly updates and this awesome blog has convinced you that you want a Surface.  Now, you’re on the Amazon website ready to buy one and you’re having a touch vs type cover dilemma.

It might sound like a trivial thing to worry about but they are as much as $119 or $129 for the touch or type models respectively (from the Microsoft Store).  If you’re like me, for that kind of money, you don’t want to make a decision lightly.

Continue reading Touch vs Type Cover? Surface Keyboard Comparison

First Impressions: Surface Pro

“WooHoo! It’s here!”

Finally. After being on back order for a month, my Surface Pro arrived. I’m really happy with my RT version but I was geeked to see if the Surface Pro would be as much as I hoped.

And, for the most part, it was.

The Surface Pro Hardware

The first thing I noticed was that it was considerably heavier than the Surface RT. That’s shouldn’t be a surprise as the Microsoft website has it listed at 2.0 lbs. (907g) compared to 1.5 lbs. (680g) for the Surface RT but it was quite a shock at first. It’s also a bit thick at .53in. (13.5mm)

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It’s OK to buy that game

I know you’ve done it. It’s OK  so have I. You just spent $800 on a Surface tablet, $120 on a keyboard, maybe $50 on a case and now you’re in the Microsoft Store and you’re hesitating before buying that $0.99 game.

I’ll bet it plays out just like this example from the Oatmeal?

Why? I can tell you, it’s because people have a psychological aversion to shelling out real money for something as ethereal as software in the form of video games. We don’t have a problem buying hardware because we can put our hands on it, so it feels like something concrete. Not so with computer games. It’s difficult to assign a value for you money for something so ethereal, isn’t it?

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Netflix Review

Netflix ReviewedI’m reviewing the Netflix application available through the Microsoft Store for the Surface RT and Surface Pro. This happens to be my first software review on this blog and I thought Netflix would be a good choice since it was the first 3rd party app I installed after getting my Surface.

The app loads pretty fast on my Surface RT and it is very responsive. The menu is intuitive and pretty easily lets you look through your Top 10, New Releases & Genres. It’s also nice because as you scroll left and right, the menu shrinks up to the top and gives you the whole screen to look at the different categories for movies.

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First Impressions: Surface RT

“The UPS guy was here!!!”

Jo (my wife) and I were very excited last Friday. We had ordered a brand new Surface RT 64GB tablet with a baby (don’t know if they meant it to be that color but it is) blue touch keyboard and were very anxious to play with it.

Both of us work as IT pros and were looking forward to seeing how it measured up to other tablets we’ve used in the past like the iPad and Kindle Fire.

Like you, we saw all of the happy dancing people in the trendy, Apple-esque commercials and heard all the early reviews (both good and bad) and we were ready to see if it lived up to the hype. So, since we were both looking at it independently, we figured we could give you the his and her first impressions of the Surface RT.

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