WiFi Issues for Pro and RT


No WiFiIf you’ve been having WiFi issues on your Surface Pro or RT, you’re not alone. Many people have reported unhappiness because they can’t connect reliably to WiFi from their Surface. I imagine this is exasperated by the fact that the Metro SkyDrive app doesn’t sync to the local device so if you cant connect to wireless, a Surface RT is just an expensive back-lit cutting board – OK, not really but you get what I’m saying.


If you’re one of the lucky folks who haven’t had this problem, people have been seeing the following:

  • Constant disconnects.
  • Refusals to connect to known working wireless nodes.
  • Rare crashes on the Pro when connecting to wireless. Ouch!

Surface RT devices have already had two updates to fix problems with ‘limited’ WiFi connectivity with one in December and one in February. The Pro isn’t doing much better with an update in March that was intended to solve the issues.

Both devices got another patch on the 9th of this month (April). Microsoft seems to be struggling to solve this problem but, hopefully, they’ll get it right this time.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The patches should get to your Surface automatically (if they haven’t already) or you can grab them manually through Windows Update by doing the following:

  1. Open PC Settings, by swiping in from right edge.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Change PC settings.
  4. Under PC settings, tap Windows Update.
  5. Tap Check for Updates.

Hope you find this helpful.


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  1. I’ve had this problem a few times (‘limited connectivity’) but it is not isolated to my surface RT. It happens at my home to both my surface and my PC occasionally. It also happens at my school quite often, but it used to happen to both my old laptops at that school, the schools wireless just stinks.

    If I was having a lot of problems with it I would consider trying a different router, then I would look into returning my surface because it could be defective hardware.

  2. I know when it comes to IT issues a few months is a lifetime, but I wanted to revive this thread as I am having a similar issue.

    I purchased a surface 2 32GB as a Christmas present for my daughter. She loves it, and I think it’s pretty nifty too. One major problem though…. it seems that it is somehow hosing up my wifi router and I have to continuously reboot.

    Usually my wife and I are on our respective laptops in the evening while my daughter does her homework on her surface. Our wifi has been perfect since we swapped over to COMCAST about 6 months ago, but just recently the router requires rebooting every 5 minutes or so and we simply can get no work done.

    We began to think about when the problem began to occur and what had changed at that time. When I did this I determined that the only thing that had changed was the additionof the surface to our wifi network. I turned the surface off and rebooted the router and wala! I had a solid wifi connection the rest of the night with the surface remaining powered off.

    However, we kind of need that surface to work without hosing up our wifi. Anyone have any ideas?


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