What’s new about the Microsoft Surface Book With Performance Base?


Hey guys, the last quarter of 2016 is not a complete disappointment!

Although the Surface Pro 5 will not released this year, we were fortunate to have other new devices instead like the Surface Studio and the Surface Book with Performance Base.

While everyone is raving about the Microsoft Surface Studio, people are defiantly sleeping on the Surface Book with Performance Base!

The Surface Book is a love it or hate it device.

Some may hate the fulcrum hinge that divides the tablet to the keyboard and others love the unique design.

The tablet itself still stands on a dual-core configuration and up to i7 Skylake Possessor. Holds up the 16 GB of ram and 3000×2000 display with 267ppi.

What’s the difference?

Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base is pretty much the Surface Book on steroids.

The new upgraded d-GPU is packing 2GB 965M is an upgrade from the older 1GB 940M. So you are looking to play high graphic games in higher FPS this model is for you!

There are some more specs


Also check out the video review:

At this price point, it competes with the MacBook Pro.

Which notebook would you rather buy? Comment below!


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