Surface Pro 4 being abused by NFL..

As you guys know, for me and many others who uses the Surface Pro 4 as a home driver, we keep good care from drops and liquid damage.

Bill Belichick from the Buffalo Bills, out of frustration, completely smashed the Surface Pro 4.

It definitely made me cringe and I can’t imagine how many NFL coaches destroy the Surface Pro 4 since NFL signed a deal with Microsoft back in 2014.

Therefore, all teams use Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to draw up defense and offence plays.

Coach Bill Belichick noted in the pre game conference about the tablet stating “when they work it’s good, but when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work”.

There are reports of Aaron Rogers, superstar franchise quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, are abusing the Surface Pro tablets.

Good job NFL for wasting expensive devices..

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