Sleep Mode Battery Drain issue finally solved?

January Firmware for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book


The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book had a constant problem with their sleep mode. Ever since the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book were released, sleep mode had trouble retaining battery charges. During my short experience with the Surface Pro 4, when these devices are turned back on from sleep mode, majority of the time the battery life was almost depleted.

Microsoft is claiming that this is fixed (once again). They issued a firmware update during June which according to them, may fix some of these problems and retaining battery life in sleep mode.

The firmware update issued in January did not resolve the sleep mode issue. Only a month after, in February, Microsoft announced that the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4  would increase battery efficiency in their near future firmware updates. Ultimately, it was reported that it was the Intel Skylake Processor that had problems with conserving energy.

But in the recent firmware update, the Surface Book receives three new drivers and the Pro 4 gets two. The new drivers for the Surface UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is designed to improve system stability during sleep mode. It also improves battery performance when it is being charged.

There are also two other bugs fixes from the new firmware update:

  1. Stopping the Surface Book from shutting down when is it on sleep mode.
  2. Deactivating the Surface Book’s and Surface Pro 4’s touch screen when the type cover is closed

For those who did not update their Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, you can update it by going to the Microsoft website.

If you already have updated or once you had done so, please comment below whether or not you notice the fix and share your experiences.




  1. The problem still plagues my surface pro 3, so my doubt in them fixing it on surface 4 is minimal. It will be the main reason next year for not going with another surface.

    • Sorry to hear that and I hope they fix the problems for the SP3. I think it is better on the SP4 now but still not great. I am hoping the SP5 and the Book 2 does not have these problems..

  2. Still got the poor battery life and sleep issues (along with over heating and fan noise). Will be returning my SP4 i7 in the new year and getting a hopefully fixed surface book 2 🙂

    • I think Microsoft is still progressing the Surface Pro line to be a power house laptop! Hopefully these issues would be solved with the new lines this year!

  3. I really loved my SP3 until the battery died and wouldn’t take a charge. I’ve done everything and still it won’t even boot up. But I’m stuck having to replace it since I’ve invested in all the accessories and docking station. Microsoft sticks you for $450 to replace it but I guess that’s better than starting over with something else and spending a couple grand.

  4. I’ve owned my sp4 since March of 2016. Since then, I’ve installed every update released and I’m still having the problems of battery drain and my sp4 not wanting to come out of sleep mode, requiring a reset.

  5. Updated out Surface Pro 4 Tablets and we are back to Sleep of death, Battery Drain during sleep, Pen/Touch stopping (requiring a reboot to work), and random issues with some Tablets requiring the keyboard to be removed and reattached before they will work.

    FYI, also fought the slow wireless issues requiring the registry edit.

    So far out of our 21 Surface Pro 4s, it seems like Microsoft fixes some issues one month and breaks them the next. Was expecting more from Microsoft and really hope they step up and correct these issues permanently soon!

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