New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Setup Help

New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Help

If you just received a new Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, or Surface Book for the holidays you might be struggling to get it setup properly. Here are some helpful articles that you should review in order to make sure you have the best experience (and least frustration) possible.

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New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Setup Help: Setup My New Surface

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New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Setup Help: Windows 10 on Surface 5 Must Do Things

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New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Setup Help: Surface Security Basics

If you’re worried about keeping your Surface secure and free of viruses or other malware, we got you covered. Just check out our guide on Surface security basics.[divider]

New Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Setup Help: Surface Backup and Recovery Guide

Making Sure your data is backed up in the event of a problem is very important. Our backup and recovery guide will walk you though several methods to make sure you don’t accidentally lose important files or pictures on your new Surface.



  1. I just got my surface pro 4 i7 and love it. I have but one question, how do you tell if the machine goes into sleep ? since most of the time it works without the fan spinning and there is no indication light on the outside, how do you really know if it’s asleep or still running? Thanks and merry Christmas!

  2. Setting up a new Surface Book, and doing system image backup. Bitlocker is turned on.
    How does encryption affect the created image? Is the created image is really what a drive would look like if it was decrypted? And, if so, does that mean that if the image is ever used for a restoration, a drive encryption process would need to be run after the restoration on the target drive?
    Roughly how long might such a restoration/encryption process take, e.g. 5 hours, 24 hours, longer (on a surface book with a 256GB drive and i5 processor)?

    Thanks for any insight and Happy New Year!

    These questions really belong in the System Image post, but the comments there are closed …

  3. Bitlocker should not be a factor on a Surface for System Image backups since Bitlocker only protects the data while it is on the drive. However, DO NOT store your system images on a Bitlocker Encrypted drive. That can be a problem.

    The backups should take a couple of hours (at most).

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you Tim – that’s helpful!
    What about storing images on an external hard drive like WD My Passport, which is a self-encrypting drive? It does require an exe to be run to put in password for the drive to decrypt …

    • Depends on the encryption program. If you can “unlock” the drive with the program then you should be able to the app on the rebuilt Surface, unlock the drive, and do the restore to get you back to where you want to be.

      However, if the program is required to access the drive at all times, it *might* crap out at some point before the restore is done.

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