February 2016 Surface 3 Firmware

February 2016 Surface 3 Firmware

Yesterday, Microsoft released new firmware updates for the Surface 3. The update will be listed as “System Firmware Update – 2/4/2016” when you view the update history on your Surface 3.

February 2016 Surface 3 Firmware: What’s Included

Here’s a list of what’s included with the February update package…

  • Surface UEFI update (v1.51116.78.0) recalibrates touch panel.
  • Surface Touch Controller Firmware update (v4.251.60.0) recalibrates touch panel.
  • Surface Platform Power Driver update (v2.1.36.1) improves charging.

Nothing earth-shattering. Basically just two updates for the touchscreen and one to (hopefully) improve battery charging times which have been pretty bad (check out the battery charge test benchmarks near the bottom of the article).

As usual, Microsoft will be rolling the update out in waves; so, if you haven’t seen it already, just give it a day or two and it will appear.



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  1. My S3 won’t install the 1/19/16 update and customer support couldn’t accomplish the install either. They left it with me to do a refresh which I haven’t done. Wonder if it will take this one and, if so, will that cause problems since it didn’t take the other?

  2. I just did the firmware update and now find the touch to be very funky, especially web browsing. I need to hit some links two or three times to activate them.

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