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This category is for the Surface Pro 3 tablets from Microsoft

How to fix scaling issues on older Windows Apps

(The above shows Photoshop CS3 displaying super-tiny buttons due to scaling issues)   Having a high resolution screen is very nice - everything looks much cleaner and...
Printing for Surface

Printing For Surface Owners

Printing For Surface Owners Basics The Surface is, of course, a paperless device (and many of us want to keep it that way) but the reality...
How to Rollback Windows Updates on your Surface

Multiple Issues after Firmware Update on Surface Pro 3

UPDATE: Apparently a Microsoft Engineer on the Microsoft Answers Forum has determined that many of the issues with the update come down to a single...
Touchscreen issues when charging

Touchscreen issues when charging

Have you ever noticed touchscreen issues when charging your Surface? Does the touchscreen on your device stop responding when your Surface is plugged in But,...
Remap the Surface Pen-Button The Easy Way

Remap The Surface Pen Button on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

When the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book was released, the included Surface app proved pretty much useless. It only offered two main functions: You...
Trade in your old Surface tablet

Trade in your old Surface tablet

If you have an older model Surface and you've been wondering if you can trade it in for a new Surface Pro 4 then...