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Battery Life comparison – Core m3 vs Core i5 vs Core i7

battery life comparison
By looking at the specs on paper between these processors, you'd expect the Core m3 model to grossly outperform the rest. But what about the differences between the Core i5 and the Core i7? After all, their TDP numbers are identical, despite featuring much more powerful GPU. Let's look into their claimed battery capacities first. Battery capacity The following are the specs/stats...

Core m3 vs i5 vs i7 processors – year 2017

surface pro 2017
Core m3 vs i5 vs i7 processor comparison has been around for a long time. And for each processor generation, the "best" option differed depending on individual needs. This is the year 2017, and Microsoft has finally released a new version of their Surface Pro with the Kaby Lake processors. So how does this generation of Core m3 vs i5...

Surface Laptop vs Surface Pro 4 – an early comparison

Surface Laptop
Introduction - Surface Laptop vs Surface Pro 4 Finally, we have an all new 'Surface' hardware from Microsoft. (Remember, 'Surface' is a brand). If you were expecting a ground breaking product from them, you might be in a bit of a disappointment. The initial impression of the Surface Laptop is rather mundane. You get the feeling that you've seen this...

Surface revenue goes down!

Q4 2015 Surface revenue up
Microsoft has announced their latest earnings and it's not all good news for them. In a nutshell: Server products and Cloud derived revenue have increased by 12%. Microsoft's Azure revenue (within cloud service revenue) has increased by 93%. Windows OEM revenue has increased by 5%! Gaming revenue has decreased by 3%. XBox Live revenue (within gaming revenue) has increased by...

Dell Canvas vs Surface Studio – are they comparable?

Dell Canvas
With Microsoft having "better than expected" success with their Surface Studio, it is to be expected that someone will follow with clones. Has Dell come up with such a model? After all, Dell Canvas does appear very similar, at least on paper. Here are the key features: Price: $1799 US 27-inch touch enabled display 2560x1440 resolution Thunderbolt / USB / DisplayPort / HDMI...

Surface devices – how are each devices holding up

Back in June, this is how the chart looked. The Surface Pro 3 was the most popular Surface device running Windows 10 despite it not running Windows 10 natively when it was sold. But, the Surface Pro 4 was about to overtake the market share of the Surface Pro 3. Surprisingly, Surface 3 was still doing very well. Well, 6 months later,...